Builderall Toolbox Tips Welcome to the NEW Mailing Boss

Builderall Toolbox Tips Welcome to the NEW Mailing Boss

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10 Replies to “Builderall Toolbox Tips Welcome to the NEW Mailing Boss”

  1. Can you third party web forms to connect to mailing boss system to send out auto res-ponders… and if so how would that work? i use send lead capture pages on my website I would like those leads to be automatically uploaded into mailing boss and a series of auto res-ponders to be sent out can it be done?

  2. ok shelly after I fill out the emails for each subscriber will they automatically go out , i know you can schedule them also , but when you click done they are sent then?

  3. My website is live. I have since made an optin page with email sequence. How do I connect the two so they are one. I needed to name the optin page also to make it live so how will that work unless i created the optin page wrong . I created it under the drag and drop pixel perfect

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