Business Tips: Beth Comstock on Pushing for Change, Late 20s Anxiety, & Stay-at-Home Moms | #AskGaryVee 291

Business Tips: Beth Comstock on Pushing for Change, Late 20s Anxiety, & Stay-at-Home Moms | #AskGaryVee 291

Awesome Tip: Beth Comstock on Pushing for Change, Late 20s Anxiety, & Stay-at-Home Moms | #AskGaryVee 291

On episode 291 of the #AskGaryVee Show, the wonderful business woman and author, Beth Comstock stops by and we talk about:
– Beth’s early life and how she got into her career
– Overcoming anxiety and building confidence
– Why failure can be good and why there needs to be more creative problem solving in the world

26:45 – “How can we make sure our future generations know failure is stepping stone?”
37:00 – “How can mothers who have been out of the workforce for a long period go about re-entering?”

#QOTD: What do we need to do to push for more creative problem solving in the world?

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44 Replies to “Business Tips: Beth Comstock on Pushing for Change, Late 20s Anxiety, & Stay-at-Home Moms | #AskGaryVee 291”

  1. Gary.., when you mention the fake environment video around 28 minutes: I have PUSHED that fake environment video. And the funny thing is that people who have been marinating in these and environments have shared it. I HATE fake environments and I’m so tired of people thinking that by removing obstacles from in front of their children that it’s the best way to raise them. Kids can’t problem solve and have minimal logical reasoning skills these days.

    Also, when I was 17, 1997, I’m 35 now, I wrote out a list of milestones of age in ones life. 18, 22, and 30 were on there. I hope I still have that sheet somewhere but I wrote it out from Birth to age 75. I think they’re societal and environmental but it’s 100%.

    Jerome Janét

  2. Further to the female caller: I would push the "outlook" of the mother applying, including but not excluded to the idea that "said mother" sees this trend as a means to push [agenda of company] to this [plateau].

  3. I haven't finished the video yet, but I'm excited how the perspectives I've seen on this conversation drive my mind into a place where I don't judge myself and I'm able to be compassionate with myself and go do, fearing and not fearing, sacrificing and loving, accepting others accepting myself, making other big making myself big, and also put me in a place where I don't care what I say, or having the right words or whatever plan, I don't care about that, I just love to put the positive energy and drive from there, adaptation, fear, do and adapt

  4. Fun one today, and very insightful. Really interesting to learn about Beth, she seems like a great woman, and her experience
    and way with words makes me want to pick up that book right now. Some key insights I found surprising are that comment that she did on the hiring standards about how passing standards would be different if the standards had been different in the first place, very true. Feminists should have more people like her being heard instead of some other more negative but louder people.

    And I also really get what Gary said in the beginning about 2nd hand behind her back love, seeing Gary connect so much with what Beth is saying makes me appreciate Beth more, she definitely has something.

  5. So far I've been allowing my son to learn by doing. Ps im a cook, so even though my son is almost 5 and have Autism and he loves the kitchen. I don't push him a way instead i let him get his hands dirty and help me cook and let him fuck up. AUTISM IS NOT A DISABILITY, IT'S JUST A DIFFERENT ABILITY!!!!!!

  6. I want to do it all but the only thing I know how to do is start cleaning business because my dad has one. I work in it in my teens, so should I start my business right there and then go from there. Like don't really what I'm good at I think I come up with a lot of ideas.

  7. Gary has an impressive ability to interview himself while he interviews someone else. Not sure how much coffee this guy drinks but I don't think it's physically possible for him to not talk for more than 10 seconds.

  8. This was inspiring… Thank you Beth and Gary!
    I think we need to educate people to be more kind (which you are doing a great job at Gary), this will open up peoples minds to want to problem solve, create, do the things they are passionate about and not to be so focused on the money.
    After all it's the giving that is way more rewarding than the taking!
    We have a long way to go but I feel the shift.

  9. This came at just the right time. I am 22 years old working in a big company and building a business on the side to make a name for my self. Beths story shows that we do not have to have it all figured it out. Professional and personal development takes time! I was feeling down the last couple days about my status quo. Now I feel energized and inspired. Lets not judge ourselves before the race starts. Failing is taking a step up the ladder, just try not look down because thats when we scare ourselves. Keep hustling friends, because if you watched this video, I have a feeling your gonna make it!

  10. It's funny how I'm 30 years old and watching this right now as within the past year I've gone through major depression, knowing that I wasted my incredible potential away in my 20's pretty much. Now I have to squeeze time, money, and figuring it all out together very fast. Now I'm like YEAH IT'S RISK TIME. I understand what Gary is saying about how "I dont need to necessarily have it all figured out", but as a musician, there is a sort of limited amount of time where younger is kind of better and more accepted as where "Entrepreneurship is accepted at any age pretty much."

  11. Gary you have my uttermost respect. Your interview skills keep getting better, you’re a GREAT listener and I want to put this out there because I think people underestimate how much energy it takes to REALLY listen. I’d say thank you for this video but I’ll say thanks for paying attention.

  12. Beth, I really loved how honest and genuine you are when you were talking about your story and saying "Hi" to Ted Turner and how profound it was. I can tell you are incredible to be around.

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