Business Tips: NFTs Will Make You an Artist The Same Way Instagram Made You an Influencer | "The Scoop" Podcast

Business Tips: NFTs Will Make You an Artist The Same Way Instagram Made You an Influencer | "The Scoop" Podcast

Awesome Tip: NFTs Will Make You an Artist The Same Way Instagram Made You an Influencer | "The Scoop" Podcast

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are going to be a lot more than just pieces of art you can buy on the internet and they will play a huge role in its next evolution. Today’s episode is an interview that I did on the podcast “The Scoop” hosted by Frank Chaparro. We break down what’s taking place beyond the hype and why I think NFTs are going to be the internet’s next big thing after the development of social media. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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0:00 Intro
5:55 The Taco Bell NFT
10:30 What does the future of NFTs look like?
22:17 What are Gary’s plans for NFT?

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39 Replies to “Business Tips: NFTs Will Make You an Artist The Same Way Instagram Made You an Influencer | "The Scoop" Podcast”

  1. Biggest insight: NFTs = Social Currency. I will always trust Gary’s intuition! Even if he’s wrong, I feel like he’s right 99% of the time. Need to learn and invest more time into NFTs

  2. Things that may improve your life:
    – Believe that we got created & manifest
    – No masturbation & semen retention
    – Drinking 2-4 liters water a day
    – Don't compare yourselves to others, compete with the you from yesterday
    – Don't seek approval or try to impress anyone
    – Cold showers (Even the last 20 seconds of your regular shower)
    – Meditation
    – Not relying on relationships for happiness
    –  Working out
    –  Having a leader mentality
    –  Reading books
    –  Breathing  in from your nose (reminder)
    –  having gratitude
    – Cleaning your room
    –  Taking breaks of social media
    –  Not limiting yourself
    –  Making up your bed (discipline practice)
    –  Quitting/moderating caffeine & sugary drinks
    –  Walking in nature
    –  Making your own money (online)
    –  Having a plan  for things you wanna do
    –  Being aware of what you doing with your valuable time & energy
    Peace, blessings and love to you (make a screenshot if you want to!)

  3. What people are doing with NFTs are the reason shit like 911 happens. A rich people game trying to get fueled by middle class debt. Unlike social media and internet there is no added value here so stop comparing these things. I follow you since ever Gary, you lost because you got your nose too deep in the game. PS: I may also be completely wrong all the way lol.

  4. Being a social creature @12:14 garyvee do you think having a hair fall and you wearing a cap is something to do with being a part of being social being ? and giving someone a image of yourself ( who you are and who you are portraying who you are ? @12:30 interacting with humans that could go in either way of communicating with humans in a path where they want to make them feel something ( or being dominated in a conversation) or just covering your insecurities in order to do opposite from that.
    Think about it in a way that online platform, where you own a Virtual real estate where you own a real-estate to call in the prople all around from the digital platforms wearing a VR head set or being in a virtual reality walking all about you digital platform looking at your digital tools in order to make a profitable trade or just even conversing with other digi beings (just like them) about anything, just like NFT's where they are displayed to your digital wall for people to explore and appreciate and eventually trade it with you or even buy it from your digital wall to theirs digital wall for a display. Thats the future of ART.

  5. We are literally entering a tokenized world where everyone will capitalize off each other financially. We will invest in what we believe in through other people and it will be based on social and NFT.


    If you are tryna be about “fit life” you will buy NFT’s of other things symbolizing fit life or envoking fit life..THUS, inspiring others to be about fit life.

    “Oh Jake started working out recently huh? He’s been all about this fit life NFT recently… ima buy $Jake bc I believe in his journey”

    Essentially you follow people bc you love or believe in them… now you
    Gotta put your money where your mouth is

  6. I think circulation comes into play . NBA top shot is popular but a common has 35,000+ in existance .

    Nobody would buy a card on eBay that's stamped 12,567 / 35,000

    People like 1/1 – xx/100 or some base cards get popular . I think some companies are using nfts as a new junk wax era .

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