Business Tips: Overrated or Underrated: Anime Still Has a Lot of Gas Left in the Tank #Shorts

Business Tips: Overrated or Underrated: Anime Still Has a Lot of Gas Left in the Tank #Shorts

Awesome Tip: Overrated or Underrated: Anime Still Has a Lot of Gas Left in the Tank #Shorts

Anime is big but there’s more potential for it which is why I have to go with underrated. Plenty of animes have large followings but there is still room for that “breakout” anime to come out that even your grandma knows about… What do you think? Let me know in the comments. #overrated #underrated #anime #Shorts

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31 Replies to “Business Tips: Overrated or Underrated: Anime Still Has a Lot of Gas Left in the Tank #Shorts”

  1. Anime is a special entity within itself. Anime and cartoons are wildly underrated because the majority of adults see Anime and cartoons as childish. The storytelling in Anime is better than most of the crap that is on TV and in modern day movies. DBZ was the first Anime that I got into back in 2000.

  2. Many people don’t know that One Piece is the #3 best-selling comic (manga) in the world. It beat out Spider-Man for the #3 slot a few years ago and is only behind Batman and Superman in lifetime sales… though it currently sells roughly 6x better than both of them together. If the series continued for another 10 years at its current rate, it would surpass even Batman and Superman to be the best-selling of all time.

    Anime is just now sitting on the precipice of being mainstream entertainment. Every major streaming service has greatly expanded their anime sections, and the views on them have been quickly increasing over the last 2 years. One month last year, My Hero Academia was the #2 most-streamed show of any genre in the midst of quarantine.

  3. Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer Mugen Train are the two closest to what Gary is describing right now. It will not be a surprise if we suddenly see Anime become more and more mainstream than before. The time is coming.

  4. I remember catching Gary on a Facebook livestream back in like 2009 and he said that I should start an anime review channel. I should have taken his advice in hindsight, but what I ended up doing led me to where I'm at now, which is making videos for others.

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