Business Tips: Overrated or Underrated: Pringles, Kevin Hart, NBA Top Shot, Beeple, the Mona Lisa, and More!

Business Tips: Overrated or Underrated: Pringles, Kevin Hart, NBA Top Shot, Beeple, the Mona Lisa, and More!

Awesome Tip: Overrated or Underrated: Pringles, Kevin Hart, NBA Top Shot, Beeple, the Mona Lisa, and More!

An incredible new episode of overrated or underrated is here. I give my hot takes on Kevin Hart, NBA Top Shot, Cryptopunks, Pringles, the Mona Lisa, Cam Newton, Tyler the Creator, Pretzels, Orange Juice. and more! Stick around until the end for our new segment, the Question of the Day! As always, please leave a comment with what you most agree with and most disagree with. This one is fire 🔥… Enjoy!

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40 Replies to “Business Tips: Overrated or Underrated: Pringles, Kevin Hart, NBA Top Shot, Beeple, the Mona Lisa, and More!”

  1. He's objective ignorant on making your bed in the morning. If he's never tried it, should he judge with such conviction? I would say no. Seems ignorant and closed minded, which we all are. We just differe in which areas of life and experiences we are. Back to making your bed. It impacts your psyche and behavior in a way that is extremely underrated. If you have another method of discipline and manifesting order in the world and your mind than the specific doesn't matter and it's overrated. Nietzsche said a conviction is more dangerous to the truth than a lie. Gary V is a brilliant man, but still a man. That was just a example of him overstepping his reach as we all do.

  2. Seriously authenticity? About the wine that he knows everything about he doesn't have an answer but about the Mona Lisa (art) that he knows nothing about he does have an answer? I guess the old saying is true, the more you know, the more you know that you don't know.

  3. How can you think the Mona Lisa is overrated if you think attention matters and attention is the only currency? The Mona Lisa gets more attention 500 years after she was painted then all the Pokemon cards combined. The Mona Lisa on it's own is responsible for 8 million paying visitors to the Louvre every single year. (according to the director of the Louvre himself) Considering the entry ticket price is 15 EUR this equals to about 120 million EUR or 143 million dollars in revenue every single year in entry tickets alone…

    What the hell is he talking about? Does he know anything about art? Does he know anything about Crypto art?

  4. One of the truly best things about Gary honestly is that he is consistent. Im not talking about how he puts out content but what he says. A ton of figures feel the need to enhance their opinions after they've been asked the same question a million times. If anything it may elevate or evolves and that's with products but with work ethic it's consistent. Used to like Dr. (nameless). His view of weightless, I thought, was great until it became the top ten things to do to loose weight, next week there's a different top ten things and so on and so. Every time with Vee, it is consistent. Simple solutions never gimmicky.

  5. Nah, MASSIVELY disagree. Making your bed takes minutes and at the end of a busy day there's nothing better than getting into a crisp bed. I'd hate to get into an unmade bed after a long day. Wide of the mark on that one, Gazza.

  6. The fact that he said learning a new language is underrated shows how smart he is. The more languages you know, the more opportunities you have to make money in different fields and you can connect with people from more places

  7. If you learn about Leonardo da Vinci (The GOAT of all humans) and what that mona lisa meant to him, he carried it around with him everywhere he went until he died. The first painting of a female with a smile, that was taboo back then. all the things Vinci invented, he was a Doctor that traveled around helping those with the bubonic plagues (yes, there was more then one) his detailed art work of the human body are still used in todays medical books by both doctors and students in the medical universities. There is also an alien connection tied to Vinci and his beloved mona lisa, and some of his artwork. Gotta love the paintings with the UFO's in them with people and a dog looking up and pointing at the ufo in the sky, they are in the background but plain to see. Way to much to write down about all he did and learned, not even talking about his paintings.

  8. Lmao.kevin hart underated? Yea right. I give him credit for the work.the money hes made….for not being funny like at all, I'll even give him "properly rated" even tho th as its hirseshit too. Fuck Kevin hart and stink face "ugh oh my god like ugh " make you out to be weird, but us super awkward' type of comedy

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