Business Tips: The Breakfast Industry Has Been LYING to Your Face This Whole Time #Shorts

Business Tips: The Breakfast Industry Has Been LYING to Your Face This Whole Time #Shorts

Awesome Tip: The Breakfast Industry Has Been LYING to Your Face This Whole Time #Shorts

The truth about the cereal and dairy industries needs to be addressed once and for all… #breakfast #funfacts #propaganda #cereal #historylesson #funfact #Shorts

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37 Replies to “Business Tips: The Breakfast Industry Has Been LYING to Your Face This Whole Time #Shorts”

  1. Humans are not meant to eat food 3/4/5 times a day nor snack through-out the day. a male can easily eat just one meal day (eat every 23 to 23.5 hours) and eat that about 2-3 hours before they goto sleep in the night, and they will still retain muscle-mass and be healthy.. ..and females only have to eat two meals a day and make sure the meals are about 11.5 to 12 hours apart or fast for 16 hours and eat lunch at 12pm & then dinner at 730pm. Why do you think a lot of people in world are obese and overweight, its because they eat too much food and food is being consistently put in the 'tank' with no rest for the body to recover from processing that food taken-in. Men and women have to eat in different ways (length of hours of fasting) for optimal health due to different hormones that they have in their bodies

  2. I love gary, but he's wrong about this. Psychologically, breakfast is super important to organize the rest of your day. Cereal/milk and all that other sugary shit is bad for you first thing in the morning – but pro athletes, trainers and psychologists all swear by high protein and healthy fat breakfasts.

  3. Is the Yotube's algorithm's pump of short videos (as I can see that's why everybody is doing these) an attempt to compete with TikTok ? (grab part of that audience or build an audience around an incoming feature?)

  4. The reason they say the most "important" meal of the day is because of the time between meals. Think about it. If you wake up and eat at 8am then you eat again at 1pm then you eat again at 6 or 7pm. All of those have about 5 hours between them. Now if your last meal is at 7pm and you don't eat again until 8am in the morning then you've got 13 hours. That's a big difference.

  5. The biggest propaganda about breakfast is not the breakfast but the cereal itself.
    Thinking that your body needs all those fructose corn syrup and thinking that's the cereal would make you healthier.

  6. I truly believe this. I love food so I can honestly eat at anyyyy time lol. But my sons diffrent hes never been intrested in eatting. Esp after he woke up. Id send him to school on a full belly. Here im thinking im such a good mom but in actuality I was forcing him to eat cus well im a mom and just feels better knowing they ate. So they can focus and be ready for the day. Till one day he explained mom I dont get hungry til literally lunch. Maybe if I took a granola bar incase im hungry would be better. I just have no desire to eat a full meal at 6 am. I understood and respected his wishes. He never went hungry cus he always brought a drink and snack. In honesty the kid was doing intermittent fasting with out realizing it .

  7. I was Trying to start something..
    Morning Smoothies vs Morning Protein Shakes?
    Is the energy from fruits to start your gears?
    Or just the extra protein to kick yourself into gear?
    Ccant figure that out.
    Or every other day the swap.
    Or.. Be a Bodybuilder
    Every 3 or 4th hour. Snacking on something? To keep fuelling that 250Pound Muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger!!

  8. Oldest brother was saying same thing. Less than 10 years ago.
    GM. ? General Mills?
    Came up with the catch phrase..
    Soo they can Make Money off ppl..
    Then ppl bought into..
    " Breakfast Most Important Meal of the day."
    Like We Rather Live Like Cavemen and not spend money of cereal.
    I hate those soggy cereal. Nasty.
    Wwake up. Piss out the water.
    And then go exercise on empty stomach to burn what left overs.
    When u sleep. All that food gets burnning. To replenish energy.
    And as sleep. Brain a Huge Library.
    Empties. ..
    Thee less important things ur brain stores to make more room.

  9. mainstream breakfast is garbage – Water/ Raw Juice(water with nutrients)/Raw Nutrient Dense Foods are important tools to have in the quiver for the morning lift off- Might as well break that fast with some living foods for anyone doing so….thanks for sharing!! keep it UP!

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