Business Tips: The Only Thing You Need To Listen to Is Your Gut Feeling | GaryVee Audio Experience: Jamie Kern Lima

Business Tips: The Only Thing You Need To Listen to Is Your Gut Feeling | GaryVee Audio Experience: Jamie Kern Lima

Awesome Tip: The Only Thing You Need To Listen to Is Your Gut Feeling | GaryVee Audio Experience: Jamie Kern Lima

Today’s episode is all about listening to your gut and trusting your instincts. It’s is an interview that I did with the Founder of IT Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima. We talk about the release of her new book “Believe It” as well as details of her journey in founding her company. We also get into a discussion about intuitions and why learning to listen to your intuition can lead to ultimate happiness. This is one you’re not going to want to miss. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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0:00 Intro
4:10 Story behind starting IT-Cosmetics
8:10 is intuition misunderstood?
11:15 An optimistic perspective on failure
16:45 The skill of trusting your gut
28:00 Failure happens for a reason
30:50 Final Thoughts / Outro

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32 Replies to “Business Tips: The Only Thing You Need To Listen to Is Your Gut Feeling | GaryVee Audio Experience: Jamie Kern Lima”

  1. I have watched well over 100 interviews. Not because im a motivation freak but because it's part of my job (not gonna get into that)

    With all of the interviews that i've watched, especially with the same people, it's the same questions every single damn time and I've always thought "wow this is the 12th interview that this person has done and it's the same freaking questions, doesn't she/he get tired of repeating the same answers over and over again?"

    And now, watching Gary's interview, i feel like the answers from the interviewee are more fresh and relatable just because Gary's questions sound like they come from a regular person. And whenever the interviewee gives answers that only successful people would understand, he riderects it to turn out as a very simplified relatable answer.

    And I'm 100% sure that the interviewee appreciates that he/she isnt just repeating the same answers interview after interview after interview.

  2. I’m a hardcore Gary vee listener. I had never heard of this girl before but defo going to buy the book – I also suffer from rosacea and had never heard of her brand!!! Going to be purchasing some tonight. Thanks for sharing your content – from Amy in Scotland

  3. I see that there are some comments are saying to stop cutting her off. But that is just what Gary does and that is what makes this interview different then all the others she has done this week for her book launch. He just dug deeper with her then all the other interviews. Love Jamie, love the book but also love Gary Vee

  4. Thank you Jamie and Gary! Rock solid discussion and so much we can learn here. You are so appreciated. Oh, and if it sucked, I WOULD say it! This was just very good.

  5. I admire Gary in many ways but he’s gotta be one of the worst interviewers out there. Please let your guests talk without pushing your own narrative or outlook on life..

  6. Intuition is akin to an athletic flow state – that place we go when the stakes are life threatening and we leave our conscious process behind because it’s too slow and then proceed to do amazing things – I feel like intuition is our brain processing information faster than we can validate consciously. It’s why your first answer to a test question is more likely right than what you change it to afterwards.

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