Builderall Toolbox Tips Bridge Funnel

Builderall Toolbox Tips Bridge Funnel

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Generate a lead, then bridge the gap before you send them to the next funnel.

Bridge Funnels are used to relate two different concepts to your customer. It’s set up with a sign-up page that then leads to a page to pre-frame the actual product for sale. The most common users are affiliate and network marketers that can’t control the product funnels they send their visitors to.

For example, let’s say you’re selling a product for a company that has a food delivery service. You might create a Squeeze Page that says, “My #1 time-saving tip that helped me put 10 hours back into my week!”

After the lead opts-in, they are taken to a Bridge Page with a video where you explained the way you got so much time back is by outsourcing meal planning and prep. Then you explain the best way to do that is through a meal delivery service and the one you want to sell is the best one on the market. The lead then clicks a link the page the third-party funnel.

With the Bridge Funnel, you are able to connect the idea of saving time with the concept of meal delivery. That primes the lead for the sale in the next funnel system.

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