Builderall Toolbox Tips Magic Funnel

Builderall Toolbox Tips Magic Funnel

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Get a closer look at all the Marketing Tools Builerall has, for the price of 1

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  1. This video sucks. Can’t see the tool bar. Very unclear video. Fix this stuff. I am really getting fed up with Builderall. BTW – the new dashboard sucks as well. Were is the mobile first? Half of the builders I used are no longer worked. Totally a messed up – upgrade. Software folks should be fired.

  2. 5:23 How did you fetch the code? what is that code? and younever shared your url bar, how you can say see the code in my url ?

    be specific what you are teaching and show what is actually necessary. Half information is more dangerous than no information.

  3. I appritiate the time you spend… and also I have done this test even before you all create this video. This works Unfortunately, you hide some real facts… the core important fact you dont disclose. The result is If any one land on the url and register it goes directly to Builderall. When creating video to help affilate marketers, do in that way . this is a cheating video and I can prove it. THe core factor is missing..

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