Builderall Toolbox Tips Magic Funnel

Builderall Toolbox Tips Magic Funnel

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Learn how to build a funnel that not only captures leads, but adds a Builderall account in the background!

Get a closer look at all the Marketing Tools Builerall has, for the price of 1

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  1. Hi Shelly I have a question, actually 2.
    1. We did not put our affiliate link anywhere, so how does the system knows it has to be our lead.
    2. We did not integrate any email list, how will the system will decide which email list the person should go on submitting his/her information.

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  3. Hi, I'm very much influenced by your every post. I'd like to join $30 Builderall. But my hesitation is I don't know how to start? From where should I start? what should I do first of all? What sorts of thing should I need? Can you provide me any short list my work for? Thanks and regards.

  4. why are you using cadastro_nome & cadastro email?….please explain. Are these codes for Mailboss if so where do we collect this info please. Or if you can point to a video that shows this that would be great please

  5. Hi, I posted this on another video also but found that this video might be more appropriate…… "I am looking into your product and have a question. Does Builderall have the ability to send confirmation sms texts to people who optin and enter their phone number? If not, could this be implemented in the future ..even maybe with using Twilio?"

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