Builderall Toolbox Tips Webinar Funnel

Builderall Toolbox Tips Webinar Funnel

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Get more people to register and attend your webinar events with this funnel

Webinar funnels are very powerful because they allow you to engage with potential customers for about one hour. This allows you plenty of time to address any concerns that prevents a customer from buying your product. Webinar Funnels are the perfect tool to close customers at a higher price point.

Webinars are broken into two parts. In phase one, visitors hear success stories that increase the curiosity of the event and gets them to register for a seat. In the second phase, visitors attend a live webinar. Scarcity and urgency are created while a timed window to buy begins to close at the end of the Webinar. Unlike Auto Webinars, attendees usually view the webinar through a 3rd party video conference software.

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