Builderall Toolbox Tips Weekly Meeting – EN

Builderall Toolbox Tips Weekly Meeting – EN

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Get a closer look at all the Marketing Tools Builerall has, for the price of 1

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  1. I have a question: Which funnel in the provided funnel converts the most in
    Cold Traffic: <funnel name>
    Native Ads(Outbrain or RevContent): <funnel name>
    Facebook Ads: <funnel name> or blog post??
    Solo Ads: <funnel name>
    I have a dedicated budget of 50,000$ for builderall only I need support pls

  2. Example : As a car salesman, do i need to BUY the car in order to SELL it? How bout a shipbroker? Need to buy to ship before i can sell it? Real estate agents? Do they need to buy the houses in order to sell them?
    Thats my point. Anybody agrees with me?
    It would otherwise crumble and defeats the whole purpose and biz model of actually selling the product to customers.
    U have an awesome product. But u dont need a "biz opp" model. If thats the case, your product is irrelevant.
    Pls check out now defunct companies that have similar compensation/ biz opp style, notice the irrelevance of the products.
    Empower network and MOBE.
    Both shut down by the FTC. Its not a matter of if but when. And thousands of affiliates have their money lost. And in these 2 programs, affiliates pay to promote. Even worse, they hv to pay higher levels to get higher comms.
    If its pay to play, its somewhat illegal.

  3. Sigh. Affiliate programs shld be free. Yes u can activate your customers to be affiliates. But as ONLY affiliates, shld be free. Affiliates shldnt pay the product/service to promote. Its obvious in legal terms. If not, ppl pay to join and promote, but not actual customer using the product. The software can be successful too without asking affiliates to pay. If affiliates want to use the software, they pay to become customers, not affiliates. I dont need to buy a bicycle on amazon for me to sell the bicycle as an affiliate. I dont need to pay the travel company and go on a trip for me to promote the trip as affiliate. Same with other aff networks and programs. First off, it shldnt be marketed as biz opp, cos immediately sounds scammy. U can just promote the benefits of the software. And affiliates can apply free to promote it. Again, the aff will promote the software to potential customers, not promote the biz opp. The software still can grow in sales

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