Business Tips: #1 Thing for an Intern or College Student to Do | 2018 Summer Interns Fireside Chat

Business Tips: #1 Thing for an Intern or College Student to Do | 2018 Summer Interns Fireside Chat

Awesome Tip: #1 Thing for an Intern or College Student to Do | 2018 Summer Interns Fireside Chat

The greatest advice for college students that I could possibly give you would be to do your best to meet as many people as possible. So many of you are going to wander around your college campuses and only say hi to your three homies, when you should be saying hi to anybody that looks at you. That same principle is also exactly what you should be doing at internships. Say hi to everyone and try to shake as many hands as you can.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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48 Replies to “Business Tips: #1 Thing for an Intern or College Student to Do | 2018 Summer Interns Fireside Chat”

  1. I PLAY IT FOR THE LONG RUN!♥️ Gary, I've discovered ur videos on Jan 1,2020 ! U just deconstruct it so well, it seems so simple. I've been doing for some simple mental blocks myself, but having seen u simplify stuff at such a depth rewires and inspires me! Respecc ♥️

  2. You wanted time stamps of what stood out. And even though I got a lot from it all and I thought that it all was great content and some things stood out. What the one big one to me was that you took time out to meet with these young people and unknowst to you that your brother had done it before you had so well. I think what stood out the most was the geunine care for the well being and advancement of these young people lives that you and your brother have for these young people.

  3. I've re-watched this video a couple of times now and just took notes. It's amazing.

    The "getting off your parents' payroll and hence eliminating their leverage" is powerful af!

    Also – "it's super easy once it gets quiet". SO TRUE!

  4. 24:40 Gary could you please go deeper into the emotional pillar metaphor and how you were able to stay standing from 23-33 before you left to start vaynermedia-

    Ive past the point of trying to change my parents for the better and accepted that it only grinds more gears. Now im trying to let go trying to change them and now i feel pain and guilty about basically watching them die. They think they gonna die in a couple years or something when they could live for another 20. Its to the point i have do myself first and be the pillar but can you explain more, i know it gets down into the dark stuff but how do you accept the dark – do you genuinely look at the darkness and percieve it as all gifts and lessons from life and just literally accept and roll with the things dieing around you because they only setting you up to be stronger? I want to hear your opinion. Cant believe its been 3 weeks already since this posted.

    To the HONEY empire…

  5. its freaking amazing. I am sitting here in college watching this video thinking what the hell am I doing with my life here? The point that college is going to be gone just makes me want to go do my own thing now.
    Why don't I? Gosh damn FEAR.

  6. 55:14 "I would rather die by my own sword". on how to deal w/ parents opinion.
    Just go, stay true to my intent and let things played out.
    Get off parent's payroll
    Definitely about toxic environment and how parents give bad advice.

  7. “Get out of your parents payroll” that is what hit for me because this last couple months of what I am trying to start.. there holding me back and by being around that environment I am so much in my comfort zone. I just smiled when he said that because I am about to sign a lease this next week to start the next chapter of my life. Can’t wait to have it be “quiet” & to learn about and grow as a person.

  8. i cant stand the people in that room other than garyvee, cause they all seem like over privileged whiners. Rich people go to coachella and dont you know what they want to do in life cause theyve been spoon feed all their life. those people do rank HIGH out of 7.7 billion people. they should be lucky they even have parents providing for them. i cant stand those people.

  9. The part that stood out for me the most is what you said about getting off the payroll of your parents. I felt psychologically manipulated by my parents till I was 22 (Its was a normal thing to be dependent on your parents, until and maybe even after you finish Masters- I am from Slovakia) They always wanted just good for me, but I just knew their right is not right for me. So, one day I left home, did not finish my law degree and got off their payroll. It was not easy, but also not that hard. Now I am 29, doing what I like and the relationship with my parents is just million times better than before

  10. When you said you don't think you're right, or that they are right. It is really insightful how you've grown to a point where you can action the fact that it doesn't matter who is right and wrong as long as you're just doing what you wanna do.

    You see Gary, I don't know you so I don't know if this is really you or if like some people say it's all an act to create some consistent, unique, controversial personal brand image to give people something to debate over.

    But I know one thing you talk about is true which is you do what you want, and you do what makes you happy.

    I've watched the most successful people, Steve Jobs, Oprah, and so and so and what they have in common, and what you have in common with these people is that they rarely ever talked about how they've made money over their business, or how technical financial they are, or how they've bought a Ferrari;

    They mostly talk about the emotional and spiritual drive for them to do what they do.

    They were all in it for the ride.

    Of course they were thinking about makings profits, but I believe the major part was so much more than being rich or famous or buying a jet. They wanted to be happy, they wanted to help other people, and most importantly they enjoyed doing what they're doing.

    I'm sure you'll get there some day.


  11. 37:5838:50 and your comments on those who tear others down. I'm with you on that. And it's clear that you're not talking about constructive feedback, which comes from a place of interest and investment in making things better. It's about hating, which is actually only worthy of one thing… non-attachment by the hated, and in a better world, that which hates. Thanks Gary. Best.

  12. Hey GV, I completely agree when you say that the number one thing interns or college students should do is network and meet new people. However, for a girl, based on my experience, it’s harder because guys mostly assume that you’re in it for sex, or mistake your kindness and sociability for flirting. What would you advise me to do?

  13. Man to honestly point everything that made me think and reevaluate myself in allot of aspect of my own life first off is dying on your own sword has much more value then allowing people to manipulate your idea of how you go about things

    And basically turning stress into motivation and reason to keep pushing the limits of your own life is another thing that stood out to me

    And it seemed like the interns had allot of questions that reflected on some things they are struggling with them selves like stress or parents or college debt and they seemed stunned but 100% of what you had to say in regards to people hating you and people loving your

    Personally I have made some huge changes in my life based on the fact that “ I am not gunna let what people have to say about me or what I am doing in my life dictate my one at bat in life “ and for me personally I feel happier then I have when I let people’s word or comments or opinions affect my over out look

  14. Ive been wanting to create content on Youtube for years now and Ive always been afraid of what my friends and family would say about it. I definitely need to just do it and stop worrying about what they are going to think of me.

  15. That thing about living on your own is big. In our day and age the big curse is not having not enough, it's having too much: protection, things, security, while having not enough actual meaningful relationships and contact..

    Parents need to step the fuck up, and instead of protecting the nest and let the bird go overweight take them under their wings and be a leader, show them how to jump into the void and open your wings to fly on your own..

    The state becoming more and more "protectionist" and "social" doesn't help either. We have become alienated from something essential to freedom: responsibility. Freedom is not doing whatever you want, freedom is doing whatever you want as long as YOU pay the bills for it..

  16. I love how you explained why you don’t analyze yourself too much because you don’t want to become a caricature of yourself & that you keep yourself from over-analysis & rely mostly on intuition. That’s great advice for many people using social media via YouTube & Instagram since they’re making videos of themselves & sharing things, giving advice, etc.

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