Business Tips: 13 Reasons We'll Get Through This | Tea With GaryVee #8

Business Tips: 13 Reasons We'll Get Through This | Tea With GaryVee #8

Awesome Tip: 13 Reasons We'll Get Through This | Tea With GaryVee #8

A lot of people are worried about their livelihood, their health and their loved ones during these confusing times. Gary has taken 2 hours out of his morning to try and share his perspective on some people’s very unique and difficult situations that have arisen due to the Coronavirus, in hopes that it will help ease their minds and their situations a bit. There are a lot of different questions and stories shared here that you likely have also so hopefully this brings you a ton of value… Enjoy!

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the Chairman of VaynerX, a modern day communications parent company, as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations.
Gary is a venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an early investor in companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber. He is currently the subject of DailyVee, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world. He is also the host of #AskGaryVee, a business and advice Q&A show online.

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37 Replies to “Business Tips: 13 Reasons We'll Get Through This | Tea With GaryVee #8”

  1. Gary is the MMAANN, this guy is so motivated and determined to do good in this world, he inspired me to start YouTube which I started a few days ago. Keep uploading man. Stay safe and keep doing what your doing. If you can, can you sub to my channel please I just started it would mean the world to me, thanks

  2. GRAVEE IS THE MAN i've taken all of Gary;s advice; jumped out my comfort zone and now i'm on target to make a million i've even just cerated a youtube channle to follow my progress. my first vlog is due to drop in 45 min. i would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out pace.

  3. Hey Gary,

    Loving this series, I am extracting a lot of nuggets and finding ways to relate to almost every guest.

    I am a full-time web developer building websites for small and medium-sized businesses. I started out with my own little agency but transitioned into a 9-5 for the experience and financial stability for my family.

    Getting to the point, I have been wanting to start a personal brand based on what I have been learning and continue to learn. I am taking advantage of this time to finally start creating content and putting myself out there. The bits about stop over-judging yourself and stop giving a fuck about what others think about you really hit home.

    I hope to connect with you someday and share the story of how it all turns out.

    Cheers man, and thanks for the amazing content as always. Stay safe out here!

  4. 1:58:03 Does this sound like a nationwide business opportunity or what? I know exactly what she's referencing here. Could be a huge way to employ college students who stick around in their college towns all summer. Scoop up all of this for free, rent a place with a huge backyard, take 8 weeks to clean, prep, etc. Then, when people move in, offer a huge fire sale.

  5. If you are in love with a girl, and she wants to be just your friend, and therefore you can’t concentrate on the task that is important. but at the same time you understand that the girl is important. how to prioritize? help with practical advice. Thank you for your work. I am 16 years old .

  6. Make, Make, Make… I thought I was back in the 80s playing my vinyl collection. But agree 100%, people gotta stop talking about doing and start making content. Have had my best week on socials ever following Gary's advice with over 100 new follows on FB in a couple of days and 16 new subs. Would not be happening if I were not making. Listen to the man people, he knows his SHTuff.

  7. You shouldn't be confused…'re scam of market manipulation was a house made of bullshit. You had your band of U tubers as proof you too could become a millionaire if you just invest in new cards….FOOLS New cards were never an investment. You duped a bunch of stupid, foolish collectors keeping the market artificially inflated for own greedy purposes. BOW DOWN TO THE ONE YOU SERVE….YOU'LL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. Market bull shit Manipulator.

  8. Hey Bud my struggle is this : as a person I feel I've got 2 sides, 1 person is that which make plans, dreams and curses after when you haven't completed your work/goal. 2and person is that which is responsible for not letting me complete, it demands entertainment, rest, all leisure things hence consuming time. Sometimes the 2nd person gets so dominant that even when I know that I gotta complete some thing, still this guy pops up and my time gets wasted, and I'm not able to complete my tasks on time. What should I do?

  9. I really did not like Maritza. It sounded like though the whole time Gary was telling her not to be so self-centered and she spent the whole time barging about why she's not self-centered.

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