Business Tips: An Early Believer in Social Media Says the Next Era of the Internet Is NFTs

Business Tips: An Early Believer in Social Media Says the Next Era of the Internet Is NFTs

Awesome Tip: An Early Believer in Social Media Says the Next Era of the Internet Is NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are really starting to grab my interest. The amount of opportunity the blockchain and NFTs will present to people in the coming years is immense. In this video, I sit down with Roger Dickerman on his show “Origin Stories” to discuss this exciting space and how it is literally going to change the way we think about and use the internet. We deep-dive into the NFT space, discussing everything from Cryptopunks, wrapped tokens, NBA Top Shot, and much more. I also detail my personal journey into the NFT space and share my advice on how to be thoughtful when exploring it. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

00:00​ – Introduction
00:50​ – What is your origin story?
07:40​ – An NFT warning
10:28​ – Why I’m interested in NFTs
14:40​ – What happens when money enters the NFT conversation?
17:05​ – Artists and community cultivation
21:42​ – Hot Takes
45:30 Outro

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25 Replies to “Business Tips: An Early Believer in Social Media Says the Next Era of the Internet Is NFTs”

  1. Have you seen the video where some guy did an experiment to see what would happen if he took a screenshot of one of Fewocious's art pieces, then minted the screenshot himself and put it up on Rarible? He wasn't legit trying to scam anyone, he actually cancelled the sale as soon as he put it up just to see if/how people would react… but he makes a very valid point in his video that he made going over it. There's still an issue where its going to be pretty easy for people to upload fake copies of art. Now, obviously for GIF or 3D style art, it won't be as easy. But for stuff like JPGs or PNGs where it's just an image, they're still easy to fake. As he points out in his video, yes technically someone could verify its the "original" by checking the wallet address, but as he also points out, that puts a lot of expectation on the buyers which, as is human nature, we know not all will pay as close attention as they should. Was a very interesting case study

  2. We need to adress the impact that each NFT has on the environment. It’s for sure the future but until ETH switches to proof of stake I’m waiting. Have you considered that @garyvee ?

  3. Lol hammering out as a newbie just heard about it he's a player so called boyfriend was on and on superman this superman this can I help u …….shit though the Washington or I snapped wtf is that emoji gonna use it at N2IT for shits n giggles bitch ur busted lol

  4. I just saw your "Next with Novo" video and I knew nothing about either of you prior, but after that vid I had to seek out your content. We seem to view the world through a similar optimistic yet real lens. Recently I started in with NFT and crypto after a lifetime of failing as an artist and working every odd job imaginable. I'm still basically poor but there's potential in this emerging market place that has never existed in my lifetime. I believe you are 100% correct in thinking this is similar to inventing the printing press, the scale of crypto will vastly exceeded it. I don't think the mass populous completely understand just how world changing crypto's impact will be. The opportunity for innovation as fusion of technologies and infrastructures continues to happen will be amazing time to live through. I truly believe NFT's are the start of something that will reshape culture as we know it. I do want to say you seem like a fantastic human being and, I wish you exceeding amounts of continued success, take care.

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