Business Tips: An Epic End to DailyVee’s 4-Year Run | DailyVee 600

Business Tips: An Epic End to DailyVee’s 4-Year Run | DailyVee 600

Awesome Tip: An Epic End to DailyVee’s 4-Year Run | DailyVee 600

For the final episode of DailyVee, Gary goes back to his roots at Wine Library for a meet and greet and answers an insane amount of questions… 105 to be exact! Gary felt that going back to the stomping grounds where his career as a professional entrepreneur began is a poetic and perfect way to close this incredible chapter of his journey. We couldn’t fit all 105 questions here so we made a separate blog post where you can see the full list of the timestamped questions. Be sure to check it out the link and find the questions that interest you most! Thank you all for the amazing support with the DailyVee and can’t wait to continue on to the next chapter with all everyone ❤️… Enjoy!

Full list of questions here:

#1 – 2:26
“How do I deal with the internet squeezing the middle man?”

#2 – 7:57
How do I find out what I want to do?

#3 – 9:37
Should I change my career path?

#4 – 11:25
“People get so mad when I ask them for business — how should I sell?”

#5 – 13:20
“How do I find my drive again?”

#6 – 14:53
“My time is split between building two businesses for my parents – how do I handle it?”

#7 – 16:28
“How do I take my business from $10 million revenue to $100 million and sell it?”

#8 – 21:13
“I had some bad business experience with my family, what should I do now?”

#9 – 22:52
“Graduated two years ago, but I still can’t find a job I like. What should I do?”

#10 – 25:40
“How do I avoid oversaturating my feed with content?”

#11 – 27:23
“How do I qualify to be interviewed by you in the next two years?”

#12 – 28:43
“How do I maintain my growth?”

#13 – 30:27
“How do we educate people so we can grow as fast as we can?’

#14 – 40:07
“What would you think about offering people wine tastings at the doctor’s office?”

#15 – 44:06
“My brother and I started to flip, we’re making almost $3,000 a week.”

#16 – 48:58
“I came out from Brooklyn to tell you … You’re gonna go down as one of the greatest”

#17 – 50:29
“What’s the best way to share a clear, concise message to parents?”

#18 – 58:20
“What did you learn from social media this week?”

#19 – 59:44
“I have a huge fear of time — how different life is gonna be in 20 years?”

#20 – 1:01:23
“We just started marketing, but we also want to make time for the people we love.”

#21 – 1:03:38
“I started my own eBay business and in the last 60 days made $540.”

#22 – 1:05:13
“I’ve created an organization to help people with the same struggles, just wanted to share that”

#23 – 1:07:06
“WIll you sign my shoe?”

#24 – 1:07:44
“I’m self-conscious about my teeth — should I make it part of my story?”

#25 -1:10:47
“What advice do you have for a 28-year-old immigrant?”

#26 – 1:13:17
“How important is to convey to potential employers my independence?”

#27 – 1:14:50
“We’re trying to create a plan of attack with cryo-therapy. It’s died down a lot. What would your plan of attack be?”

#28 – 1:16:04
“I’m big into TikTok influencer marketing … I’m not really worried about it dying down because when it does die down I’ll just move on to the next thing.”

#29 – 1:18:00
“What’s the key to staying consistent in whatever you’re doing?”.

#30 – 1:19:50
“For entrepreneurship, is there a model you can follow like working out?

#31 – 1:21:01
“From the bottom of my heart, you unlocked everything I need for the rest of my life.”

#32 — 1:22:37
“I run an encryption company … any advice for me on how to get market share?”

#33 – 1:23:46
“We have a collective of artists, how do we market all of us together?”

#34 – 1:24:50
“I own a mobile car detailing business, what’s the next step?”

#35 – 1:27:32
“How do you know who to talk to at these big companies to get clients?”

#36 – 1:28:47
“I have a gift for you made from pennies.”

#37 – 1:30:14
“I need a bold red wine that represents my grandmother.“

#38 – 1:31:30
“Can you give advice to people about the importance of saving?”

#39 – 1:32:25
“My students told me that I’m so Jersey, I’m similar to Gary Vaynerchuk.”

#40 – 1:33:46
“When I’m juggling a lot of things, how do I deal with it when I drop something?”

#41 – 1:39:09
How do I find good mentorship?

#42 – 1:40:30
“I always asked, why you never text me back – and then you texted me back.”

#43 – 1:40:50
“I left my job to start my own business and now I’m pregnant – how should I handle it?”

#44 – 1:41:44
“How do we grow an audience that follows our business?”

#45 – 1:43:18
“What do you think is the #1 quality in a woman?”

#46 – 1:44:03
“How often do you adjust your end game?”

#47 – 1:44:35
“I chose not to go to college, but what if that impacts my ability to find love/life partner?”

#48 – 1:45:59
“I’m a musician who just got signed by a label, how do I get to millions of people?”

#49 – 1:46:44
“But I don’t use TikTok”

#50 – 1:47:21
“I want to open up a smoothie shop, but I’m in the same spot as I was 4 months ago.”

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37 Replies to “Business Tips: An Epic End to DailyVee’s 4-Year Run | DailyVee 600”

  1. It took me a few days to watch this whole thing, but I did it while working hard on my platform. Had one of the best weeks of my whole 12 year career, and listening to this while killing it was perfection. Thank you for everything, Gary. ❤️

  2. Truly the end of an era! I remember when Gary Vee first launched Daily Vee and used some of my music in episode 004, I was shocked and honored to have made something he wanted to use. Hopefully we'll be able to work again on the next endeavor! I post a lot of other beats on my channel if anyone else needs music for their videos! I just dropped a beat about 20 minutes ago and would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace

  3. Super excited to see how the weekly format turns out man! You guys churn out amazing daily content, I can only imagine how crazy things will be when you guys have an entire week to work on 1 video! 😀

  4. Guys, I need your advice. I see a lot of opportunities in starting doing social media, but I fear to be famous. I don't want ton of people coming up to me every time I go out. That's nightmare.
    Yes, I know that I won't become famous overnight, but if I start doing social media, then that would be goal, Because that is what defines success here.
    So I'm stuck right now.

  5. I always love these Q&As… Especially when you're in a situation so similar to the ones asking a question, it just makes you realize how much we all have in common – whether it's our struggles or our victories, we're all just human beings going through the same thing!!

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