Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 38: Virtual Reality, Content Creation, and No Excuses

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 38: Virtual Reality, Content Creation, and No Excuses

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee Episode 38: Virtual Reality, Content Creation, and No Excuses

#QOTD: Let me know what the next 3-5 years look like for your business. What do you have planned? What are you looking to accomplish?

01:05 – Can anyone create good micro-content? How can you make sure your team consistently creates good content?
04:19 – What are your thoughts on podcasters and YouTubers building a business model around donations?
06:43 – What’s up with virtual reality?
09:18 – I know you hate talking about ROI but how do you show someone there is a true return on your efforts on social media?
13:28 – What do you feel is a bigger obstacle question to success a lack of time or a lack of capital?


Micro-Content is the idea of making content specific to the context of a platform. It’s the idea of utilizing videos and pictures, quotes, and written words that work specifically for the multitude of platforms that exist (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc) — which if I might add, was the context behind my latest book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook 😉

So, how do you make good micro-content? First of all, content is subjective. It depends on the viewer and why they’re in particular place at a particular point in time. I understand that a 40 year old woman will have a different mindset when she’s on Pinterest vs. Facebook. Does she have intent to shop (Pinterest) or is she just catching up with her world (Facebook)? That’s how you need to focus on your story-telling strategy. You need to be mindful of the psychology behind the user’s intent and the nuances of the platform.

When creating micro-content, or content in general, you also need to respect the user and their tendencies. Of course you want to sell your products, but you need to portray them in way that’s more compelling to the viewer. You need to shape it their interests and lifestyle. There are plenty of targeting strategies out there, and there’s no one way to execute. The only things you can hone in on while forming your strategy are:

1. Respecting the audience
2. Respecting the platform
3. Making your agenda fall third to #1 & #2

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50 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 38: Virtual Reality, Content Creation, and No Excuses”

  1. Well shit Mr. Vee. i actually wanted to share this with you today already haha. Things are lining up. My main focus is to work in Pro Wrestling. More specifically the NWA (a brand that you offered to buy into). I've been making contacts and am on the radar screen of the powers that be by using your Philosophy. whats really next is finding my place within the NWA in a way that I can bring them value. So I'm thinking. I get out of debt by using your flip philosophy and make content around that to grab you and your teams attention. Turn that attention into an Opportunity in your Chattanooga Tennessee office to be close to the home base of the NWA so I can work for them for free while working and learning from your team. Then take that knowledge and apply it to the NWA. I'm thinking 2 years to get out of debt and save a little, 2 years under you, the rest of my life in Wrestling. Thanks for all you do. have a good day.

  2. Awnser of the day
    My 3 to 5 year bussiness plan
    Step 1 build depth with people on twitter to create my #1 fans
    Step 2 Hit up angel investors till one likes my plan of building a kickstarter with a media company behind in the gaming market
    3 hire a team of cool dreamers to launch the media company
    4 hustle my face off to get that stuff seen (and a lot of dark posts)
    5 Launch the kickstarter
    6 hustle my face off to make sure its a wonderful succsess
    7 hire a team to build the game while being recorded and making sure they engage the audiance as much as possible
    8 6 months or so the media company will be pulling in money so the game will ship
    9 use the resources to start a second game something closer to my heart
    10 launch a new kick starter
    11 rinse and repeate

  3. hehe, okay gary… Coming soon, grinding and grinding and getting my 3 projects rolling, adjusting the fourth, finetuning it a bit more. doubling my income and tripling family income, and at that point I'll go for me first, driving license and moving to a new home, with my girlfriend this time… cuz I'm just all in the work now, no time for the rest of it. I suspect we'll be 2 years from now at that point, and then… What to do? 1 month vacation, just once. A bit of just keeping the wheels turning and looking for a new opportunity… Perhaps I'll find a new project to work on, perhaps some personal development, learn a 4th language to increase communication with niche-clientele. Perhaps just starting an entirely new kind of business, it might need some more degrees, but it's all speculation right now.

  4. over the next 3 years I'm looking to become Google developer, and have Marketing agency up and running w/ 5 or 6 customers that like doing business w/ and like paying me to do their marketing.

    Thank you Gary vaynerchuk!

  5. Great video! 3-5 years I see myself growing my side project to having 20 full time employees with many other freelancers working for the company. The majority of our content will be generated by the public by giving them the means to do so. The company has its roots in both the tech and hospitality realms. This company will be established in the top ten US markets, within 3 years 2020. Rachel and I will begin our 18-24 month stint traveling across south east Asia for personal development. We'll eat our faces off with delicious cuisine and document the vibrancy both through film and written word. During this time I will use it to research these markets and see which Asian markets this concept will be viable in. Rachel and I will take this travel time to reflect and write a New York Times best selling book each because she's a genius writer. Side note, she can read a novel in 4-8 hours, crazy! Rachel and I will be 28 and 30 respectively and will be looking at having children. By the end of the journey the our company will have continued our growth in before US and Asian markets. Both the US and The Bahamas will be having elections and I'll be keeping up with both in 2021 and 2022. We'll either have had or are expecting a child by 2022 and we'll be returning/returned to the US. My relationship with friends and family have never been stronger. My wife and I are in love and my child/children are amazing and I spend meaningful/quality time with them daily. I have great business partners and investors that I have great professional and personal relationships with. After coming back we publish our books and we begin a book/speaking tour. I'll make a conscious effort to work with my team to have the book tour intersect with the cities our company is in. Even though I been doing all of this I still make the journey back to my roots in The Bahamas for crawfish season each year. My life is full with life and joy and I'm grateful for this wonderful journey I live. Whenever possible I will help other because that is what this life is truly about. Thanks again for the video!

  6. I just want to say that this is probably the best, and most influential YouTube rabbit hole I have ever gone down. It is now part of my DAILY routine. You have been incredibly helpful to me! Thank you thank you thank. I'm really excited that I have only skimmed the surface of these videos 😀

  7. Hi Gary,
    I recently found out about you through a friend who has experiences with start-ups. I'm launching my own company soon which will be a distribution company (Bizlett Sports) for Scandinavian Outdoor & Sports gear, wear and equipment. I just wanted to thank you for helping me being to really understand the platform, foundation, and mindset I need to have to make this a success.
    I look forward to commenting again on your newer episodes when I I catch up!

  8. Your Whole episode fits into my present life situations.. It really help me today to get back on. Today i got discourage but thats how a entrepreneur live. Thank you sir by watching it i understand it totally again.. thnx for it i really needed it!

  9. My boyfriend recently tuned me into your videos GV and I love your no bullsh&t approach; you actually remind me of my guy. He thinks and talks just like you….lol. Anyhow, the next 3-5 years are going to be the best ones yet. I want to be married, and together, my wonderful husband and I will be successful internet marketers, entrepreneurs and I will improve drastically on my writing and communication skills to become an impactful blogger and motivational figure that will inspire others on a massive level.

  10. Thanks Gary.. I'm the lurker you talk about I saw episode 100 and something and I had to start from episode one and now I'm here episode 38. I can't wait to see the knowledge you keep slapping to the vayner-nation.

  11. This Answer is still fire and still one of the most important lessons I think Gary ever gave us. He's absolutely right about this. Time and money have not been a barrier to scaling for me since this video. It's only EVER been the level of optimism I have in approaching anything.

    I just had one of the best years of my life and professional career, and I can tell you those successes were a result of hustle and optimism.

  12. QOTD: That's a long time Gary but here is the short version. I've spent different 3-5 chunks of my life achieving HUGE successes, all of which were the support I need so that I can achieve the next. It's a rolling ball, and the next town I'm going to crush is financial responsibility. I'm done working for other people 9 to 5. I want to work for myself 24/7.

    I may not know how but I'm going to work at it and figure it out. This is why #AskGaryVee is so valuable to me. You're like my remote mentor. My plan is to get to a point where I make the same money I make now, but I'll be doing it on my own time!

  13. I'm 22, so my 3-5 year plan is to gather as much experience on the mats doing Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling as possible. Just got a message about a Assistant Wrestling Coach position and I'm currently teaching a kids Jiu-Jitsu Class. I said yes, so life is going to step up a notch! We'll see where I am near the 5th year, if possible I open a gym

  14. Hey Gary, 38 was phenomenal!!! Wow! Maybe you are right, I just spent the last 3 days of my life consuming your shows and your content and this show and you matter to me. This episode is exactly why I want it. you just tell it like it is. and that last question should be a cut out and posted on facebook for the world to see. That was brilliant. Knowing my purpose, which platform my audience uses and for what reasons, DR marketing and jabing, and Micro content is a great term. Thanks for the show Gary. 36-60 months, I'm 33 years old. I'd like to be well on my way to have met the woman that just lights up my world, and building a family together.

  15. I want to send shipping containers back forth from Sweden to my shop in Baltimore, while pond hopping through Europe with my wife

    Searching and Picking European designs and wares, from various but definite categorie

    bicycles, bicycle parts, furniture, art, media, beer, wine, spirits, apparel, etc

    While curating a space and cataloging our finds and experiences

    For now I am doing this on a more local, tires on the pavement sort of style

    But the plan is to imbed our ideal lifestyle into the way that we create income

  16. F*ck excuses! I love it. I'm a big fan of owning your actions and what's going on around you.
    Since this came out 4 months before I started my side-business here I would say the next 3-5 years is going to be building value and awareness for us and getting our name established as we start getting our product into some higher visibility venues. 
    I love the show man. Keep up the amazing work.

  17. Exponentially growing my personal brand, launching a football skills academy throughout the US for the youth-h.s., grow my business to do over $50,000,000 in product sales, meet as many people as possible in as many parts of the world as I can. Sweet.

  18. I think that traditional advertisers are just scared of digital because its new, or they don't understand it, they say that you can't see ROI, but you can track everything down to the tweet! Damn. But you're right, still relevant, but it just gets irritating when "marketers" say social or digital is a fad … seriously. Maybe it's just SA. 

  19. I love the "no excuse" rant. I've been contracting for almost 4 yrs and hear and see the entitlement "strategy" all the time.  Thanks for the authentic passion.  Its freakin HARD as hell!  And AMEN to the flurry of other things to worry about.    Love that you ALWAYS link in whatever/whomever your talking about.  @themichelenxdor 

  20. 5year plan… moving from Mexico to Vancouver for an mba, go from 13% to 10% fat average, meaning more exercise and more eating smarter, learn to surf, sky diving, bungee jumping. As you said, invest more in experiences and not just things.

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