Business Tips: Empathy Wine Tasting Live Stream

Business Tips: Empathy Wine Tasting Live Stream

Awesome Tip: Empathy Wine Tasting Live Stream

Grab your wine glasses and join me on this Live Stream Wine Tasting tonight at 6:30pm Tuesday 4/7/2020

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  2. I've actually been watching a lot of old wine library videos lately! I'm an architectural designer who's always been passionate about wine. I've been fortunate to have a few opportunities to work with wineries breweries and distilleries. Hoping to get more into wineries and vineyard planning, do you have any suggestions to work towards this goal?

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  4. Thanks for having me on Gary. Great time chopping it up. Anyone reading this the empathy wines are real tasty. The white shockingly good and my favorite followed by red and I usually don't drink rose but liked it too. Wine text also has sick deals. Everyone stay home and sniffy sniff safely.

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