Business Tips: Hot Take: Will NBA Top Shots Be in the 1% of NFTs That Win? #Shorts

Business Tips: Hot Take: Will NBA Top Shots Be in the 1% of NFTs That Win? #Shorts

Awesome Tip: Hot Take: Will NBA Top Shots Be in the 1% of NFTs That Win? #Shorts

NBA Top Shots are quickly becoming one of the most popular and highly traded NFTs (non-fungible tokens) available right now. However, Many NFTs are going to come and go as the space continues to grow. Does NBA Top Shot have the potential to be in the top 1% of NFTs that stay relevant in the space? Here are my current thoughts on it… Let me know what you think! #Shorts

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22 Replies to “Business Tips: Hot Take: Will NBA Top Shots Be in the 1% of NFTs That Win? #Shorts”

  1. I have been collecting sports cards off and on since I was a kid in the late 70’s. No way would I buy this top shot stuff. I like holding a physical card in my hand, not some digital highlight. This is just my opinion of course.

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  3. With stuff that's reaches 200k as fast as does usuallt crashes even harder. And their minting process makes no sense. Theres is nothing different looking from a base moment to a high end moment its the same play one just has a price tag 100 times high than the other. Whrre at least sports cards you have the base card and then you have all your number parallels which you can visually see tbat its different from a base. The base moment looks the exact same as the expensive one. I'd get out while it's peaked.

  4. We have to look at public susceptibility to getting taken by counterfeits. That’s the actual problem with NFTs. Don’t be fooled by trustless systems where trust is a human directive. The thing we hold valuable through NFTs is not on the blockchain… that’s where the holes are.

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