Business Tips: How to Use 9 Timeless Marketing Strategies in 2021 | Clubhouse Q&A

Business Tips: How to Use 9 Timeless Marketing Strategies in 2021 | Clubhouse Q&A

Awesome Tip: How to Use 9 Timeless Marketing Strategies in 2021 | Clubhouse Q&A

In this episode of “Tea With GaryVee”, Gary does a special clubhouse Q&A edition to talk to some of his followers and answer their burning questions are social media, online marketing, and building a brand as a small business. He shares his advice on what timeless marketing techniques he has used over his business career and how they can be implemented in the 2021 digital environment. Questions include which social media platforms are the best for your business, how to find like-minded clients, finding new ways to tell your story, and more!

If you want to have Gary answer your question, be sure to follow him on Clubhouse @garyvaynerchuk and make sure to turn notifications on to know when he hosts another Q&A session… Enjoy!

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

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26 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Use 9 Timeless Marketing Strategies in 2021 | Clubhouse Q&A”

  1. Gary is right on the money as always, and I would agree that Clubhouse seems to be a feature that I totally wouldn't be shocked if Facebook and Instagram copies this year. But if you're wondering if it's worth the time to invest in Clubhouse, I'd say yes. While I'm not a heavy user (I only go on if a friend is speaking), it does have a lot of attention right now so it's incredibly easy to reach your target audience.

  2. Thanks for sharing your great content. My name is @coachkieran on Clubhouse. Would love to connect with you and other like minded individuals.
    Btw, I am a Personal Trainer: I help busy professionals avoid burn out and reach peak performance

  3. Hi All! I graduated college a year ago and now I have some spare money and want to start investing. I have never really invested before. To be honest, I am not a stock market expert and don't want to mess up, hence I'm here, asking for your #1 advice for new investors

  4. Gary!  Any advice for entrepreneurs narrowing down their message & audience, when they are extremely versatile with many skills and interests. How can they select & prioritize which topic will be most advantageous for their market/brand? Or rather, how can they include as many of their passions in their brand as possible?

  5. A friend of mines owns a chain of restaurants, he has yet to make a social media account, I told him the older generation is dying out, you need a newer generation, and long story short, his bakery closed after 30 years of business and I believe if he would've listened, his bakery would be open today. If all your customers are 50+, your days are numbered for sure. Imagine, he catered to only the older generation, so much so he DIDNT HAVE A KIDS MENU!!

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