Business Tips: I Can't Code and You Can't Sell Crap.

Business Tips: I Can't Code and You Can't Sell Crap.

Awesome Tip: I Can't Code and You Can't Sell Crap.

Recognize your strength and go with it!

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26 Replies to “Business Tips: I Can't Code and You Can't Sell Crap.”

  1. I am fucking 16 years old doing porly in school not the smarter , maybe you can even call me dumb. But fuck it i am doing coding for live . I wont be Bill Gates but i dont need to , because the things i will achieve will be Bill Gates wildest dreams , because at the moment it is vice versa.

  2. I don't agree with this. I think people can choose to do and act however they want to act. If someone doesn't know how to code – learn…. There obviously is such a thing as talent, but that will only take you so far. I guarantee you if I start my kid off at 2 years old playing a sport I believe (if he's willing to WORK harder then anyone els) that he has the potential to be one of the best in the world for sure if not THE best.

  3. Unfortunately, the people who need to hear this the most are the ones who won't listen. But it is probably the single most important insight into what is really required to start and run a successful business. 

  4. @***** / +anyone else…

    I agree (Have had employers that demonstrate aspects of #1) AND disagree (I believe I've seen enough to know what to do, once I get the ball rolling)

    So with this in mind, its possible I could be any number on the board but be one of those people who think's I'm #1…What would you (all) say is an indicator that I am or not? And if I am not, how would I know a #1 when I see him/her?

    I planned on applying for Vayner Media, but want to continue to improve/innovate my skills just a little more before I get comfortable with that idea, though at the same time, believe I can go independant and start (which I'm creating a plan as we speak).

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