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31 Replies to “Business Tips: IF YOU DON’T LOVE WHAT YOU DO, F*CK THAT | DAILYVEE 311”

  1. I know what the 28 year old's is going through (well, kinda) I am in a similar situation and I just fucking turned 32. I've been very lucky to not have any debt based on school. (I had a scholarship) The only thing is that I had to study something that I was good at and liked rather than something I loved and was decent at. (But could get better at) In the end, I am currently making little money with my degree, but I have plenty of time to actually develop and get better at my other skills. Need to get grinding though. I haven't been putting in the work I need to to get where I want to go. Simple as that. It's my own fault I'm stuck right now, but I can't deny that what Gary says is true…. Life is long…. and I feel old despite the fact that I am still young.

  2. The weirdest shit. I'm a recovering alcoholic, and I couldn't watch this video because he's standing in front of the whiskey. I'll catch the audio on the podcast hopefully

  3. I rarely comment, but GaryVee was SPOT ON with college and the ROI in our generation. I am living proof, be open to other options fellow millennials.  See that box, you don't fit.   God bless fam.

  4. I love that! Figure out how to not use so much brain power at the "regular job" so you can havr enough energy to work on the career once you get home ❤❤❤

  5. I live in Japan, have 364 YouTube subs and a lot of videos. Time to take things waaaaaay more seriously! I will make my schedule today. I don’t have any friends but time to use every minute I have wisely. ありがとうございます!

  6. someday i will quit watching any of your videos because i'll be consumed with my life making things that i love happen. that is the dream at least lol, but i'm still tryin to understand your point of view

  7. Key-take-away and spot on for my situation: "You are bored for 8 hours – and then it is hard the restart". It is all about them choices.

    See you in Copenhagen in two weeks.

  8. I absolutely needed this! I’m a Youtube as well, an entrepreneur and I like to think I hustle pretty hard but I’ve found myself loosing nearly everything. My girlfriend of five years has recently moved on to a new life and I’ve found myself couch surfing and the occasional hotel for the last couple of months.

    After I got out of the Marine Corps (11 years ago) I got into car sales and did extremely well with it, had a side hustle and nearly broke $200k one year but life happened and I found myself hating my job and the side hustle fell apart.

    I’ve since found that I love video creation and I’m currently planning to get a space for video production studio next month which I can hopefully crash at. I’ve some how found myself riding a pedicab in downtown Orlando for the last year and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going I just wish they could go faster. I keep wavering in my thoughts about wether to take that leap or go back into car sales for fast money but after seeing this video I say fuck car sales, let’s make movies!

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