If you are struggling with hiring the right employees and growing/scaling your business, you need to get over your ego of you are the best and no one can perform at your level. Even if it is true, the speed is so much more important than the perfection.

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  1. this video was so helpful and informative for any aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their own business, in this world of digital marketing which has so many new exciting tools to help grow or promote your business online, I came across mediaqart which is an online platform which enables businesses to run a digital or online advertising campaign at an affordable price. It helped me grow my business to great heights, I recommend you guys to check it out

  2. As I advised someone in a sort of similar industry, if you want to scale from a one person business, then you be a manager and hire people to do similar work to what you do, and then offer clients a chance to work with you (the owner) at a premium price. Let the employees work at a lower standard, but train them well on your own methods, and then give your clients a chance to get your company's best work at a higher price.

  3. I completely agree with what you said here Gary. You can still build a business, but there’s a difference between scaling and building a business around you. What am I going to do? Immediately – the latter. Not that I’m not going to scale eventually (because I will do that in the long-term AND I’m great with people) but it makes sense to build yourself up before expanding.

  4. Wow Gary. That message was sooo strong. What happens when the one person who can not see past their own Ego isnt the CEO of the company but rather in Senior Leadership that established a Good Ole Boy system, that for the most part, isn't interested in operating on actionable intel that comes from the people whom they manage. Its not like many of those employees can tell him or her to EgoCheck themselves. The sad flipside of this is the employees love what the company is about and are very passionate with the work they do everyday, but I see over and over again, those lights slowly get dimmed only for them to leave for green pastures and we are stuck rehiring and grooming the next person who will have to fight the same battle. If you have any advice for that, I would be grateful to hear. The number one answer I always get with my circle of friends is choose a better company where Senior Leadership hold each other accountable for the morale and culture of those whom they manage.

  5. THE GEM "The reason I have been able to scale Vayner Madia, many think that I have an ego. I play on confidence, which is what allows me to scale because I don't hold everybody to an arbitrary metric that has no reality other than what's playing in my own head" KNOCK OUT PUNCH

  6. Holy shit… I needed this! How do I be the best version of myself tho? Is it based on what I obsess about? What I loveeee doing? I'm only 22 and I know you tell Kiddos like me to be patient but I'm also suppose to be aggressive in getting things done, so what do I get done??

  7. I'm that what you said I have no ego and maybe some inability but the thing in stuck on is I feel like I'm outta life like don't feel I'm living. Kinda depression maybe.

  8. Yeah, It did help me! I am super amazed and charged up after watching this. I am definitely going to work on my betterment and will explore more, more and moreee!!! Thank you Gary Vee 🙂

  9. In my opinion, a boss needs to play with the employees strengths and not projecting his on the staff. U should lead by example and try to bring the best out of them and not hold them against it!!

  10. Watched this for my 2nd time & distinctions are succinct.

    No right or wrongs, yet, set the context right: Operate alone or run together with a team

    Once I choose a model, stick with the ups & downs of it because I’m the only person accountable to my choice.

    Gary, keep these videos coming & welcome you to Singapore soon again.

  11. I don't know if it's just me. But many of the answers Gary gives sound so fkn obvious. But yet, people need to hear them from big successful guys like him. Self awareness we need. Respect for this guy

  12. #Garyvee I know somebody like that! And it is impossible to live up to it… I've survived in that environment actually, but I'm the only one… in over 10 years! This really rings a bell… Kinda like an alarm bell!

  13. Wholly shit this woman is so narcissistic! If there was ever a definition for 'I' in Team, it would play a audio recording of this woman yip-yapping!

    Seriously, if she think she the best standard, apparently some other woman or man already out there doing way better than her cause they're not as egotistical!!!

  14. Only through hearing this woman, I can tell that I would never want to work for her. She seems to be a terrible boss. And Gary nailed it – perfect.

  15. It certainly helped. I felt much identified with that girl in the video. At least know I know this is common and have a better understanding of how to deal with it. Thank you!

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