Business Tips: Inman Connect Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote | 2016

Business Tips: Inman Connect Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote | 2016

Awesome Tip: Inman Connect Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote | 2016

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Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund.

The #AskGaryVee Show is Gary’s way of providing as much value as possible by taking your questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving you his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies.

Gary is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at events like Le Web, and SXSW, which you can watch right here on this channel.

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28 Replies to “Business Tips: Inman Connect Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote | 2016”

  1. Gary…bro…it's complaCENT not complaCIVE. Heard it from you like ten times now and I can't handle it I had to comment…hahah. But honestly, your content is so good that that is the only thing I could pick up on….holy shit you are good…

  2. That was such an amazing video. I am a full time realtor and still have trouble convincing some clients that I will not pay for print instead, I would rather put my money in Facebook ads. I also love how Gary says we should become a media company…As a past lifestyle blogger, I am incorporating into my real estate business. I have not seen the fruits of yet but am staying consistent and…patient. Not always easy…Thank you Gary for great advice

  3. Mobile websites; most piss me off! I am a whole page reader and not a line by line reader and viewing mobile sites generally fall in to the line by line reading and that just frustrates me. I use my mobile device for high level information, when I am between here and there and out in the world moving which is 75% of the time when I am on the internet. You know what I do? I send the link via text to my email for additional investigation……..Which is the 25% of the time I use a desktop/laptop where I can get into the meat of what I want on a bigger screen, keyboard and mouse. Now that is on my personal side…………My day job requires me to use a desktop… there is no way out there.

  4. This is the most "real" video I have seen in ages on being an entrepreneur. And at a time in my life where I have made huge sweeping life changes, and am re-evaluating, it is perfect. It's the best hour I have spend online in years. Thank you.

  5. You know you have been watching too much @garyvee content when a homeless guy asks you for change for food and you tell him if he wants to eat tonight, he needs to "go all in on his strengths, 4x on his hustle, and disproportionately add value by reverse engineering arbitrage, coz if you want to level up your game you need to work your f#king face off 19hrs a day! F#king you're gonna Mr Homeless!"

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