Business Tips: Krewella, Social Media for Musicians & the Business of Music | #AskGaryVee Episode 215

Business Tips: Krewella, Social Media for Musicians & the Business of Music | #AskGaryVee Episode 215

Awesome Tip: Krewella, Social Media for Musicians & the Business of Music | #AskGaryVee Episode 215

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#QOTD: As a parent, how would you raise your children: with or without social media? or technology? If you decide not to ban social media, what would your child rearing be like?

6:06 – There are so many good producers out there right now. What separates the artists that get all this promotion and a few royalties here and there and the artists who actually get to make a living in music?
11:43 – How do you build a brand strategically on social media? Is it building your brand on rented land because you have no control over the future of the platform?
14:17 – Talk to us about the importance of knowing your fans and owning your own platform!
20:16 – How’d you girls get hooked up with Jake Udell? How big of an influence has it had on your career?
28:37 – How do you girls stay so grounded in a fake world?

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Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund.

The #AskGaryVee Show is Gary’s way of providing as much value value as possible by taking your questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving you his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies.

Gary is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at events like Le Web, and SXSW, which you can watch right here on this channel.

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45 Replies to “Business Tips: Krewella, Social Media for Musicians & the Business of Music | #AskGaryVee Episode 215”

  1. this gary dude loves people to agree with him. he is butt hurt about the 10 000 hrs thing he wouldnt just let it go. ego issues. its okay not to always have people think you are right even if you are. they lost me there . on to the next vid.

  2. I love this episode! 1. Gary I feel too many people agree with you all the time, Yes because you are right haha but I like the fact that they spoke their true selves on this show. they will learn you are always right when you speak about a subject haha again but I love that they challenged you while at the same time they also had great points! amazing content always

  3. this guys is a blowhard full of his own kool aid gary smary get over yourself first of all new york whaaat fuck that shithole way bigger more happening cities seoul for instance kpop etc or HK and so on friggin new yorker …that age comment tho your a fucking moron over 35 and we wont get it or understanf stfu wanker went to my first rave when you were in diapers bitch … many top producers well over their 30s killing it ….seeb for instance etc dont listen to this prick he is a pretentious tard who doesnt value hard work …story after story they will all tell you there are no shortcuts put the work in …plenty of folks with more talent but no drive no woek ethic so they fail and lots with some talent and work their ass of to improve have big careers …i liked alot of the answers the girls gave but honestly dont have love for them either …yeah rain man had problems …but you kicked him to the curb …that dude made you bottom line ..yes you have talent but when he was in the mix it was straight fire you know this truth …should have locked him in a real rehab and then continued on ride or die together … still got talent and you put in work and improved but you did rain dirty and why the fuck are you on this pricks u tube vid hes a douche bag most of your comments he interrupts and talks over you he clearly doesnt value or care what your saying he just likes the sound of his own voice ……moral of the story folks …dream big never quit work hard …most fail in life just as they were about to make it …NEVER QUIT…and dont value prick like this tard gary fuckstick no one gives any fucks about this mental midget and girls keep on keeping on but somewhere sometime you should heal that shit with rain ……ohh and one last thing ageist fucks age is a number dont define anyone by their age race creed etc judge them by your interaction with them and how they act and carry themselves oveer what age cant understand ….fuck you ……

  4. On the 10,000 hour tip, it should be considered that even if you're playing every game in every season through school or whatever, doesn't mean you're getting the 10000 hours in. You DO have to have the talent out the gate , so when the talent scouts see your pop Warner game they put you on the year-round traveling team. That's how you come up on 10000 hours by age 30 or whatever. But wtf do I know lol

  5. I'm not sure what you were trying to get at Vee…you are completely missing the point, Vee. First of all, I don't appreciate your tone with my girls. But, if you want to get down to brass tax. Its all about the Passion behind the Art…not all about the money. Also, interrupting people is rude…point blank. I am very nice individual and understanding hearing people out. I'm surprised you have over 1 million followers…

  6. From memory Malcom says it’s not just about the 10000 hours. You also need to have talent, a supportive environment eg.for an nba player parents would have encouraged you to play and train, paid for coaching etc and also some level of luck is usually in the mix for really successful people.

  7. If you have "enough" talent as well as the drive and ambition to chase your dream (s) through legit work and execution and you put in the time i.e. 10,000 hours, then I truly believe that eventually you will succeed at being a legitimate artsit and make money and be seen as valuable in the marketplace. It's this formula that has created countless"professional" creatives and pop icons.

    It's true that ultimately the market will decide but Gary you yourself have said it…write a song everyday and put it out there for the world to decide. Its been said and confirmed by others like illGates as well… quantity makes quality. The more you do something the better you'll get at it. Eventually you will make something that pops.

    Practice makes perfect. Show and prove.

  8. I love how people say technology is a bad thing.. but don't realize they're very selective about which technology they do and don't like..
    I bet they like using toilets .. I bet even though home girl has her issue with technology she likes that she gets to wear eye glasses that improve her sight..
    those are all for of technology.. ok .. rant over.. who is even reading this 2 years later hahaha

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with the girl on the far left. Talent has nothing to do with it and as a matter of fact I don't believe talent exists. The reason I am good at what I am good at is because I put in the time and I learned through the experience and if I was more enthusiastic about that particular subject than my peers it's because for whatever reason at that particular time is because I was enjoying the moment and more present.

  10. i really cant believe for a second that Gary grasped that those hours are 9 years straight. Yes i do believe you can take any 1st grader and have them set foot 24/7 no sleeping on a surfboard they will be the greatest. The secondary thing you are talking about is a product of the 10,000 hours. Dedication and complete second nature of the craft. Talent? pshhh fuck talent. Science proves that everyone can sing and the only way to develop your voice is to use your vocal cords. The more you use them the stronger they get, the more precise control you have over them, the larger your range is. It's so natural. Gary is my vision larger than yours?

  11. if gary vee put in 10,000 hours in EDM he would be great….lol come on Gary you have to know that! I'm guessing that before hour 2 you would give up…but BUT IF YOU STUCK WITH IT AND PURSUED YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE DEAD TO NOT LEARN IMMENSE KNOWLEDGE IN THOSE 10,000 hours. I'm talking literally fucking dead because if a newborn was placed in an empty room (provided food and water) with an mpc and some synthesizers for that long it's going to be making some pretty interesting sounds by hour 5,000 because the baby would have spent 4.5 years of it's life SURROUNDED BY THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE. sorry for the caps, and fake apology but I do not give a flying fuck check out my music it is the shit, I'm the shit you better learn now while you still can I'm the fucking man. ok back to music

  12. Gary Vee. I am a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. I promise you – if you spent 10,000 hours training your voice as a singer, you would have a very charismatic singing voice. I promise you this. You have to believe me here. My voice was godawful when I started singing. I hated it. People told me it was bad. Now I love my voice and people tell me it is good and unique, and I know I'll continue to get better with practice. I get comparisons to male singers from the 80s which makes me extremely happy. Anyway the point is – yes there's some talent but, in music at least, if you TRAIN and STUDY you can get freaking amazing at whatever you focus on. just gotta believe and want it and work hard

  13. Gary– she says "Spiritually" she doesn't feel she wants to engage as much with her fans online–she can afford this now because they have "made it" to what their success level idea was–so they feel they can relax. I know you don't feel that way. I am certainly sensitive to the problem with getting lost in the direct fan to artist interaction and losing one's SELF time–but I also think as artists we have the responsibility to add value to our art by being available to the fan in 2018–and 20 and 30….. whatever that means for the fan—if they contact you on twitter–contact them back, if they comment on facebook–try to comment back…I don't know–I get it, but the comment bugged me.

  14. 10, 000 hours is important, not because of any talent or lack of talent, but because every great artist requires practice, and perfect practice makes perfect, so you have to practice in front of an audience…. so your just playing shows, we play 4 hour shows most often, so once we've played 2500 shows we'll be "good" apparentyl, lol and therefore it takes about 10 years to get good… lol

  15. A to #QOTD : these girls think they're so special for being nostalgic about times before they were born…things are always changing, the way your parents relate to your grand parents is a glaring indicator of that…I just think that as they get older they'll realise that. But right now they don't see the irony in their statements

  16. LMAO…they think EDM has hit its highest?! They've got to be kidding me…but then again if you think USA is the entire world you miss the fact that it is one of the few genres that does well across the world and across every age group, nationality etc

  17. So in regards to the question about talent. I agree with Gary because I have heard him explain in detail before why talent maters. With music I whole heartedly believe that the only music that is sucessesful taps into the original deep seeded life connection the thing that we are all created from. Being able to reach into where we all derive from and express is is a talent that not all people are naturally good at. So they are able to effortlessly create content where people without talent have to spend more time getting that natural elemant and sometimes don't ever reach that point and produce things that do not connect with the market or humanity so they are much less successful in that area. However if that same person was to become aware that their talent was in their ability to understand html and they put forth effort and time there they would be much more successful

  18. I LOVE Gary and everything he is saying is SPOT ON! I was 17:57 minutes in the video, and I honestly felt embarrassed for Krewella and Jake, especially after the 10,000hrs comment….I've heard of them, but there's nothing that they've done creatively that has drawn me to them as Artists or to their music. I only clicked on this video because I wanted to hear Gary's take on the music business/business in general because I'm starting to take steps to putting myself out there in the music industry.

    One of the things that they said that really left a bad taste in my mouth was when they said that, "That's why we have managers…they curate things for you…" in response to them replying back to fans. WTF? These girls have absolutely no knowledge of the business behind their own industry, and their getting upset (body language is everything) because he's FACT checking them. The basis of their success came from someone else feeding to them about the business instead of them learning it for themselves. This is the problem most musicians have in the industry. All they know is their music that they play, but not necessarily the history of their genre, who their competitors are and what their doing vs. what you're doing, (they couldn't answer the EDM question because they didn't know), or the business side of music and culture in general.
    Artists who do know these things are considered the legends and are being honored because their hand is in everything they create and distribute to the masses, with all the concepts in mind, as well as talent.
    Chance the Rapper isn't even signed to a label but, he has Grammy's, endorsements, etc.

    Gary is challenging them, PRIMARILY on Self-Awareness, and I hope his meeting helped them more with their artist development. That's something they should've done from Day 1. The silence at 39:08 was PRICELESS! LOL. Saying that you don't want to be relevant in an industry that is built up on BEING relevant is completely IGNORANT. Go back to the drawing board……

    The video with him + Wyclef is COMPLETELY different because Wyclef knows what the hell he is doing as an artist + businessman and has REMAINED relevant for decades.

    THANK you for fact checking them Gary!!!

  19. Technology changes. I use to 3 way (6 Way) on the house phone and talked to 4 to 8 different friends before internet. This was our "facebook". We have to evolve as parents and allow our kids to grow up in the most current technology given to them. Allow them to have the best tools to succeed until they reach their destination.

  20. I find the discussion of talent really fascinating, in my opinion "talent" as we see and define it is a manifestation of underlying skills and interests. Like playing guitar is not a talent, it is the combination of my interest in using the specific set of skills that give me pleasure in using which guitar allows me to use. We all have these underlying skills but the difference between me saying "you're a talented entrepreneur" vs "you're a talented musician" is simply the action one has taken upon the interests that use the skills they most enjoy using. I guess what I'm trying to say is that "talent" is a word onlookers use which is shorthand for just a medium to manifest what parts of my brain I most enjoy using. The greatness comes from how well aligned that medium is with the way my particular brain is wired and of course the time I spend honoring that part of myself.

  21. Talent in a skill plus 10,000 hours equals elite level in a skill10,000 hours with no talent in a skill equals being good at the skillGary is underestimating how many good basketball players there are. A majority of the people at the rec playing pickup are good at basketball but not elite because they did not have the talent

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