Business Tips: NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes

Business Tips: NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes

Awesome Tip: NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes

This an interview that I did on NFP, the” Non-Fungible Podcast” hosted by DKleine to talk all things NFT. This is a fantastic interview for anyone who is just …

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23 Replies to “Business Tips: NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes”

  1. you are pushing all these young kids into over paying for sports cards and useless NFT"S and when hyperinflayion hits at least they will be able to use their cards for kindling.

  2. aww thank you gary you know your audience very well that complement was very thoughtful, I feel that same way about you. I will be dropping my own NFT artwork as well. Most of it was artwork I drew while in prison for the last year just got out in decemeber so perfect timing to learn a new space.

  3. Thanks for the video and great information, I'm new in trading Bitcoin and it's a very nice thing. Do you know expert who can guide me through trading and as well give me a membership tutorial

  4. I feel so connected to this space now. I've been in crypto for awhile and it is weird to feel my real world attaching to it. Ready Player One style immersive environment with my personal love for art and crypto along with this VR and AR immersion. I really believe the Homestead/Geocities of the internet is upon us with NFT'S.

    GREAT content as always Gary Vaynerchuk

  5. When I first heard about this I was really intrigued & I wanted to create my own but still no information on how to do this- can it be your art generally & put it up there in crypto format-?

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