Business Tips: No Excuses: Of Course It's Possible

Business Tips: No Excuses: Of Course It's Possible

Awesome Tip: No Excuses: Of Course It's Possible

Once every now and then, I do live phone calls where I really “go there” with a caller and make sure they leave with no excuses.

Today, I’m super excited to share one of those calls with you 😉

I took a call last week on Instagram live from Matt, a young guy who was debating on getting his GED and going into the army before trying out an acting career in LA.

I stayed on the phone with him for 14 minutes and suffocated his excuses — and I think this clip will help many of you suffocate yours.

Watch and tag someone who needs this 😉

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26 Replies to “Business Tips: No Excuses: Of Course It's Possible”

  1. "most people do a ton of shit to protect themselves from ever finding out their truth". The fears of finding out that you suck at something that you truly desire to experience or achieve, paralyzes you to the degree that you end up running away in a distant path that you don't desire.

  2. You made my day, Gary.
    I am a third-year chemical engineering student and I don't even know what I am doing at my school, even I am doing well at that school, my soul and brain always toward film making.

  3. Have you all heard of Targeted Individuals, or amazing individuals such as Nicholas Tesla who was a go getter, but could not deliver his dream of Free Energy (and various amazing tech) to the world due to JP Morgan et al pulling the plug on his incredible project, just because he could not monetize it? What's my point?

    My point is that the game is rigged because we are forced and deceived into depending on an artificial system that favors elitism and slavery via centralized institutions such as governments, banking, monetary, religion, marriage, etc. Do not drink the Kool Aid people, there is only the illusion of competition as the global economy is a monopoly controlled by the Saturnian/Satanic high priest out of the Empire of the City states. These pedophiliac psychopaths and deceivers act as gatekeepers and controllers of natural and human resources, the middle men between we the people and the natural earth that we depend on for our survival and sustenance. Poverty, racism (abuse) and wars are artificial results of these resource management systems, such as capitalism, giving the money masters the advantage and power to own and control everything through their covert slave agenda.

    What we the people who are creative and ambitious by our natural essence need, is a decentralized resource management system that levels the playing field, where people can collaborate or cooperate in creating and producing goods and services, and solving problems for the benefit of all humanity and it's environment. Competition (ego based) is only positive for non harmful entertainment, and has no place within the struggle of life and death situation/issues, it is an anticivilized and destructive behavior and how we the people have been conned into perpetual situations of conflict. Might (as opposed to ethics), is not right, and the weak and oppressed must also be given the support and resources needed to survive. The Satanic parasitical elites have tricked us into perceiving everything backwards, and into supporting our own slavery subconsciously. Humans in their natural state are instinctively motivated and only need complete freedom to explore to create and contribute to society. Only the truth and brutal honesty will set us free from our current debt based slavery monetary system. Wake the f@$& up humans and cut out the hypocritical and selfish bullshit. This man is either naive or CAPITALIZING on your ignorance just as the dog eat dog system as been designed to do. Believe me, I speak from experience, after spending thousands of dollars on this kind of snake oil and I can debunk this bullshit in my sleep. How very sad, and we are almost in 2020!!!

    However, the reset event is fast approaching that will rid us off this infestation of cockroaches and blood sucking vampires, a new golden age that only the righteous will enter and partake off. Raise your vibration and expand your consciousness, develop empathy, compassion, learn to share our god given resources with all, and you will enter the paradise on earth that awaits you, and this is not any religious BS I am speaking of here. Those who resonate will attract and seek like-minded. Ubuntu Consciousness Rising!!!

  4. Holy fuck this video hit me hard. The past four years i was in acting school. This past week i had my first ever audition for my first movie role. Going to acting school will help you develop so many skills that will give you an edge. But, there is really only one skill that gets you over the line and that is undoubtedly confidence. Regardless if you suck at acting or anything you can always get better. And like Gary says it's fucking patience. Confidence, hustle, and patience. Fucking get after it.

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