Business Tips: Problems with Parenting Across the World

Business Tips: Problems with Parenting Across the World

Awesome Tip: Problems with Parenting Across the World

If someone is parented well, you can see it from a mile away … and if they’re not, you can see it from a mile away.

Too many parents view their kids as a product. Too many parents see their kids as an extension of them and their own accomplishments.

And that’s when everything breaks.  

In this conversation, I talk more about problems with parenting in Asia (and the rest of the world).

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38 Replies to “Business Tips: Problems with Parenting Across the World”

  1. The problem lies in the mentality that one academic failure means end of the world
    Maybe this is why we are afraid to take risks. Shit I am stuck in a situation where I can't do anything except study and if I don't I get to face emotional torture by them

  2. I think it's a worldwide problem, not just an Asian problem. However, I love this guy, speaks the truth and very relatable, and I think he thinks more about the children than the people who preach "think about the children".

  3. I want to pursue computer science in my college but my parents are forcing me to take up chemical engineering. What do I do, I got no way out and sometimes I feel so miserable that I go too low and think about ending my life.

  4. Hello Gary, thank you, you are so very right in this epizode. I am from Slovakia and I had (still have) good parents who didnt push me into anything ever. After comunism stopped in our country, my parents started their own business. Just to make you understand it, it was not allowed before, it was against law to be enterpreneur.. so they were among the first ones, when it was acctually possible to have a business and make a living out of it… The reason why I am writting this is, that they had now knowledge about how to run a bussiness, and no skills, almost no one to ask for an advice (there was no internet or youtube in 1990 in slovakia :D) … but they were brave, and curious and my dad always says it is fun to sell and it is the easiest job.. However we lost our firm years later (the reasons are too complicated, and not very important to the idea of my post), and I was 25 at that time, and even thought I was not responsible for the entire firm, I really felt it as my own failure and I got really scared of those "dark clouds" in bussines. After that I closed my self to business thinking, and I went to find a job, with saying that somebody else can provide the work, and I want that steady paycheck at the end of the month… but guess what… I found a great job, with great sallary, but had to work for somebodys dream for 10-12hours a day. 3 years laater I became very sad and not happy person… and it was my pregnancy that saved me, and woke up my enterpreneur self, that i dont want to teach my kid that nine to five mindset, and i want to give her the freedom my perents gave me. So after maternity leave I took a job, part time job, to increase my skill levels (as an accountant) and to pay my bills., but in the evenings I planned and worked on my own accounting firm idea.
    So yes, once again I found myself as an enterpreneur, with my experiences, with the knowledge that it can fall down anytime. So thank you, and sorry for the rant 🙂 i love your autenticity very much 🙂 (and sorry for the grammar, im not native speaker :))

  5. gary I hope you can see this. I will get to you if it is the last thing I do but I need to sit down and connect with you, I do not think anyone else can understand me the way you would, things in my mind that I need expanding on, eye openings that only you could give me.

  6. hi Gary
    Im Shayan sepahnejad from Iran and Im trying to bring up a jewelry brand…..people love my design but Im just a one man band and trying to go through it all by myself for now….maybe in the future i will team up with creative people but the problem is that i always had to be the last one to say what is right or what a piece should look like because i always trusted my own opinion so im not really good at teamwork……sometimes my big dreams like settling a jewelry brand all by myself scares me and some days i wake up and say whattt the hell are you doing ?….really ?….you wanna do this? and then i realize yes….i will succeed or die…..please post a video about what to do if our big goals scares us….thank you for all the things that you do for us ( sorry for the bad english language)

  7. "Too many parents view their kids as a product" This hit me hard.
    I remember when I told my parents that I'm going to study medicine and when my mom told my relatives she was kind of just like 'I raised my kids right, I did this, I accomplished this'. And I was just sitting there, raging inside because she didn't do this, she had no part in this. People like Gary made me work hard and follow my passion so I could accomplish this.
    And to this day I randomly think of that moment and get so angry with my mom. It is really the worst thing you could do to a kid

  8. GARY at one point in the video you say that most of those kids aren't entrepreneurs.
    1. How does one know if entrepreneurship is what they should pursue or not?
    2. What is your advice for those of us who should not be entrepreneurs? What would you say are the keys to being successful in that case and what steps should be pursued?

  9. Parents should watch this, I hope they will listen too. The world is changing so fast. Not everything they have experienced before is related or somewhat same in today’s generation.
    Again, amazing video bro!

  10. Kids that watch these video's online don't need any guidance from their parents. I do believe it is sometimes necessary, but some parents just don't understand and give their emotional baggage to their kids which is fucked up.

  11. Ok ok.. ima go ahead and have to do my own video on "give me a child till 7, and I will show you the man" type deal. Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks about this very subject. Good points made though on the subject matter of, business, and self-awareness.

  12. I'll share this video with my mother but still doubt she'll listen to me. I told her I wanted to start my own YouTube channel,she told me that I'm out of my mind and ignorant.This has been extremely discouraging and I feel like I don't have a parent at all.

  13. My first time to watch a Gary Vee video and I am so inspired. The problem with us Asians, our parents works hard to give their kids what they think is the best for them but in the future, these kids will fail because they are not given the chance to choose for what they know they will excile.

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