Business Tips: Tea with GaryVee 049 – Friday 9:00am ET | 7-17-2020

Business Tips: Tea with GaryVee 049 – Friday 9:00am ET | 7-17-2020

Awesome Tip: Tea with GaryVee 049 – Friday 9:00am ET | 7-17-2020

Super excited to join you guys at 9:00 a.m. ET 🙂

Text your question and number to 212-931-5731 to be on the show!

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  2. 2:52 – Rapper Taylor Bennett / How to keep ownership of your work and still work with big players
    10:57 – Giving love and thanks to Gary
    17:10 – Helping others with depression and anxiety / 21:00 TikTok ban in India and moving to new platforms /
    24:10 – Running business solo, feeling burned out, and advice for hiring people
    30:14 – Realtor / Not looking the part in your industry and using it as a strength
    42:42 – Everybody else sucks too
    43:52 – Venezuelan with limited work visa / Keeping focused when your future situation is unknown
    50:28 – Growing up isolated with abusive parent / Trying to start a career and being intimated by others with more experience and feeling you're at a disadvantage because of the past

  3. If you're reading this, I hope you have a beautiful day, that you take steps towards your goals and remember that you are AMAZING. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. #everybodyelsesuckstoo I escaped a situation similar to Iking. I hope I can find a job but I have job gaps and companies usually only hire me if they're abusive and they lie. I'm healthy now but it seems impossible to find anything. I'm willing to learn any skill. I wish the kid the best. Also, stop the cycles of abuse: Get away and do NOT repeat.

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