Business Tips: The Biggest Vulnerability to Every Business | Inside 4Ds

Business Tips: The Biggest Vulnerability to Every Business | Inside 4Ds

Awesome Tip: The Biggest Vulnerability to Every Business | Inside 4Ds

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Every business has the vulnerabilities of the subjective calls from whoever is in charge. One of the biggest threats to a businesses success is having the personal opinions of one person influence the entire direction of the company. Leave your subjective feelings out of the decision-making process and make the calls on what is best for the business.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the globe. He’s a sought out public speaker, a 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an angel investor in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, and Uber.

VaynerX, also includes Gallery Media Group, which houses women’s lifestyle brand PureWow and men’s lifestyle brand ONE37pm. In addition to running VaynerMedia, Gary also serves as a partner in the athlete representation agency VaynerSports, cannabis-focused branding and marketing agency Green Street and restaurant reservations app Resy. Gary is a board/advisory member of Ad Council and Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water.

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20 Replies to “Business Tips: The Biggest Vulnerability to Every Business | Inside 4Ds”

    1:12 – How to organize content
    3:48 – Podcasts are triple/quadruple arbitrage
    7:40 – People are into “no culture”
    9:30 – Nobody is growing because they only care about themselves
    10:00 – Play the game you are good at
    11:40 – People actions should map to their ambition
    14:40 – How to ensure your employees are doing the best work?
    20:00 – The reason we have TeamGaryVee and GaryVee
    23:10 – How to tell the story of the business
    24:00 – I leave so much money in the table
    27:00 – How do you breakout and share personal stuff
    31:00 – Is your legacy going to be buying a sports team?
    36:00 – What awakened your self-awareness?
    39:00 – B2B vs B2C approaches
    42:00 – Why I don’t have a mastermind
    46:00 – Everyone moves too fast on technology
    51:00 – My stance on cannabis

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  2. Hi Gary, I love this video and watch all of your videos and listen to your podcast. Thank you! ❤️
    You said several things in this video such as "I don't think focus is a challenge for small businesses, I think people not mapping their execution to their ambition", this sounds great but in reality people don't succeed because of 2 things: 1.Negative Self Image, and 2. Negative Belief in Their Abilities, and their abilities to learn. One must practice daily rituals and habits to improve on these two fundamental things for any chance of future success.Your negative believe in your ability at that time stoped you. It is not enough to say I didn't do a blog in 2002 or 2004 because I am not a good writer. Most people suffer from the same self limiting belief; I am not good at this, that or the other. Whatever one is not good at can be leaned with practice. One can become much better at anything with daily practice. Practice makes (not perfect) Improvements. Also in this video and many other videos you say don't worry about what other people think, just put out the content. But fundamental issue the every human has on this planet is Negative Set Image. Could be one or several negative self images. I am not Enough for example is the one that 99% of humans on this planet suffer from. It is all good and well giving business and marketing advice to people but without teaching them to work on these two fundamental and most essential things; 1. Self Image, 2 Belief in your ability to learn it is like teaching them to put this beautiful and easy icing on the burned cake. What would you say to teaching people how to make new cake before they put the new icing on. What would you say to tach them how to work on these two most fundamental things and develop positive daily habits and rituals as well work on this business and marketing that you do teach., Much Love and Respect ❤️❤️❤️ Looking forward to hearing from you. God Bless you! Eldin

  3. Who’s the guy who seriously has to ask what a podcast is? And how is he sitting in the room with Gary? C’mon, people need to pay more attention and get up to speed so that don’t ask stupid questions like this.

  4. Sometimes I get caught up into an issue that I feel might be something can feel intuitive for you in something you plan on doing : aren't you concerned that you being a fan of the sport team you wanna buy could conflict with your objectivity when you will run it ? Like are those thoughts come through your mind when you think about such things or its not even an issue ?

  5. So happy you led with the fact that you know nothing about science before you praised cannibas curing anything. Nutrition feeds cells and keeps us healthy and I believe can even heal – but I still don’t make claims it cures. That’s a HUGE stretch you proclaimed.

  6. 32:00 that is looking for validation GV . You are extreamly insecure with a extreamly big and self-esteem thinking. Uncle G, let your followers know how to re-frame things. And the fact that you when make a decision look at all the perspectives in a situation.

  7. Hey Gary vaynerchuk. I'm a certified personal trainer and university student from Jamaica. I will be completing my studies this December. I would love to train you for free and help Jordan or Mike in whatever way I can to help you reach your goals. I would love to work as best as possible for free. I hope you see this. I'm from Jamaica where there are very limited opportunities and I've been using the internet as a platform to push my brand thanks to your inspiration. God bless you and I hope you see this.

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