Business Tips: The Main Reason Why Your Passion Starts to Feel Like a Job | Tea With GaryVee

Business Tips: The Main Reason Why Your Passion Starts to Feel Like a Job | Tea With GaryVee

Awesome Tip: The Main Reason Why Your Passion Starts to Feel Like a Job | Tea With GaryVee

“When you love you job it’s like you never worked a day in your life”. Being able to have your passion be your full-time job is a dream many people strive towards, but what if your passion starts to feel like a job? In this episode of “Tea With GaryVee”, Gary gets into an insightful conversation around monetizing your passion and why it might not be the right move for you. He also gets into other conversations around first career decisions, surviving as a business during the pandemic, going back to “square one” and more! For a chance to be on the show, text Gary your question at 1-212-931-5731 with #TeaWithGaryVee… Enjoy!

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36 Replies to “Business Tips: The Main Reason Why Your Passion Starts to Feel Like a Job | Tea With GaryVee”

  1. Whoever is Reading this:
    Your skin isn't a paper don't cut it
    Your body isn't a book don't judge it
    Your heart isn't a door don't lock it
    You're beautiful
    Your life isn't a movie dont end it it
    Be you.. Stay safe
    (by the way I'm also a small youtuber
    looking for your support)
    I didn't create this quote
    I just wanna spread positivity

  2. I had a big folder of all the first original Pokemon cards, times x4 of the starter and first original Pokemons, got repeated cards, because i wanted to win battles. But because in school nobody played anymore, it took space in my room, and i threw them all away to the trash. I never thought these cards were highly searched with a big price. Makes me feel very bad that i would have made a fortune on ebay. I would have gladly given Dustin that card he wanted for free. These cards were like toys, who know people buy kid toy cards.

  3. What I liked about this one is when Gary said his distractions such as spending time on sports cards or watching the Jets helps him be better in his main business. Did anyone else like this?

  4. Loving chipmonkz showing off his base set 1 Charizard. Managed to pick one up fairly cheap this week due to the auction being misspelled. Spent a couple of hundred pounds on Pokemon recently thanks to Gary. Got a lot to do to catch up to Dustin and chipmonkz

  5. Anytime I am pursuing something for hours/day on end and forget about things I would otherwise crave like food or sleep, then I know i'm pursuing legit passions. When I am doing something and all I think about is doing anything else or how I'm feeling, then I know it's time to quit that something. ASAP!

  6. Gary completely forgot about prepping for his meeting because he started working on improving the sign-off process lol. That's a great clip to teach people how to give a shit.

  7. Gary!!! Would it be possible to add boolean search ability to the search engine? Tried using it right now to find something and tried using boolean to narrow down the searches and be more specific but doesn't do that.

  8. Dustin showing those cards at the start makes me want to get some pokemon cards so bad!! I have some from when I was younger, but none of them are first edition or very valuable. Kind of got my childhood pokemon passion reignited heheh

  9. It's so amazing what the Team at GaryVee does for people. So amazing to see. Refills so much empathy and gratitude. Way to go guys. You're all holograms haha

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