Business Tips: Turning $47 into $430 by Flipping Trash | Trash Talk #5

Business Tips: Turning $47 into $430 by Flipping Trash | Trash Talk #5

Awesome Tip: Turning $47 into $430 by Flipping Trash | Trash Talk #5

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This is how ANYONE watching Trash Talk can make an extra $350 – $1,000 on the weekends… This week I go out of my way and buy some random items to show everyone that there’s more profit to be made. The only way to scale this to $2,000+ a weekend is to buy everything and put in the work. Doing the research ahead of time is also a key in today’s video, we show a few items that I have missed which could have been great flips.

I hope you guys enjoyed the 5th episode of Trash Talk – please, please, please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below – I’m dying to hear from you!

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Skylanders Fryno – Swap Force Series 2013 Activision

Boom Jet

Punk Shock

Big Bang Trigger Happy Spring Easter Limited Edition

Prism Break

Cynder Undead Spyro

Rubble Rouser

Drill Sergeant

Freeze Blade

Trap Shadow

Legendary Free Ranger

Rattle Shake

Fire Kraken

Lob Star

Nitro Krypt King


Night Shift


Eye Brawl Pumpkin

Mixed Lot of 9 w/ Giants Backpack

Mixed Lot of 7 w/ Swap Force Bag

AT&T 2 Line Phone Model # 952

Silverlit Ferrari 2009 Bluetooth

Popples Light Pink 1985

Tonka Pound Puppies “Hound”

Garfield Fun Farm Christmas 1981

Ganz Bros 1981 Wrinkles

Spode Christmas Tree Cookie Jar

Uglydoll Ox 2003 Orange

Uglydoll Cozymonster 2009 Orange

Yankees Mug Hunter 1996 lot of 2

Disney Parks Tree of Life Animal Kingdom Mug

Mike Wazowski Disney Mug

Disney Parks Cinderella Castle Mug

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Budweiser Sign

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24 Replies to “Business Tips: Turning $47 into $430 by Flipping Trash | Trash Talk #5”

  1. Have you ever sold anything online? I personally have sold many things on eBay, craigslist, garage sale that’s to name a few starting from my passed businesses to furniture to electronics to clothing.
    You have money sitting everywhere around your house, how much of that is useless to you? Whatever you find can possibly be converted to hard cash if you want to and with that hard cash you can get closer to your success!

  2. I am new to the YouTube world. Also, I have read all of Garry Vaynerchuk's books. After reading Crushing it, I thought to apply practically all of the things I learned and here I am with my own YouTube Channel. Please, watch and subscribe I am new to this world but I am going to give better things in the future. Teach me, if you have anything to teach. Thank you

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