Business Tips: What’s More Valuable Than Money? | DailyVee 446

Business Tips: What’s More Valuable Than Money? | DailyVee 446

Awesome Tip: What’s More Valuable Than Money? | DailyVee 446

Really enjoyed getting to spend the day in Dallas for the NFL 2018 Draft. I think that there are two big takeaways that I want to push here. Firstly, so many of you try to monetize attention as soon as you get it – you need to focus on the attention itself, not the financial. Every time you make an ask or try to monetize, you lose something. Secondly, so many of you don’t understand how important brand is. Brand is everything. People go to the store and are buying the brand, not the product. Do you think that Rick buys Nike because he genuinely believes the technology of the shoe is better or because he wants a pair of Nikes..?

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44 Replies to “Business Tips: What’s More Valuable Than Money? | DailyVee 446”

  1. There is a fundamental paradox of GaryVee. He keeps talking about authenticity and knowing yourself and all that. But he makes a living based on people buying shit because they're branded and marketed a certain way, to tap in to people's need of acceptance, insecurity and low self-respect. People buy Rolex' and Supreme and $5 Starbucks coffee because they're brands, exactly what Gary produces. If people followed his advice, his branding company would be worthless. Agree or disagree, I'm open to see what others think.

  2. you're not having right gary. you,re branding people but life is about sales. is it selling yourself to partner or working skills b2c ;)) there isnt's nothing bat in expectations unless when u mix your expectations and customers /the people expectations. people often having one 1 expectations. because this -customers having expectations is hard while .doesn't matter silly theory from my channel material//tough life gentsGary

  3. I'm not soft because I buy a $5 coffee I just have a really weird diet. The reason I can buy a $5 coffee two times a day 3 times a day if I want to is because I bought a $115,000 house when I could have bought a $250,000 house. It's all about being smart with your money. I buy out of my Surplus

  4. Money is a tool to obtain experience. If you can bypass money and directly gain desired experiences that's more valuable than money. And the way you do that is by sharing a valuable experience you can offer with as many people as possible. Experiences in exchange for experiences. Stop making transactions and start making friends.

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