Business Tips: You Can’t Treat Social Media Like a One Night Stand | Win the Storm Conference Q&A

Business Tips: You Can’t Treat Social Media Like a One Night Stand | Win the Storm Conference Q&A

Awesome Tip: You Can’t Treat Social Media Like a One Night Stand | Win the Storm Conference Q&A

Really enjoyed this Q&A session at the Win the Storm Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Big takeaway that I think most of you guys need to hear is trying to close on the first move… If you provide no value upfront and then make an ask, it will never work and will always seem sloppy.

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42 Replies to “Business Tips: You Can’t Treat Social Media Like a One Night Stand | Win the Storm Conference Q&A”

  1. Literally makes me so happy when he calls people out on their sht because I see it right away & he just stops them in their tracks
    I totally understand that you need to be called out or else you'll never learn
    but he's always clarifying why & the clarification is very considerate

    Gary is basically a Sour Patch Kid hahahaha 😀

  2. You are fucking awesome Gary… Its crazy a ton of your thoughts and ideas are very much like mine. For a person with a lot of procrastination problems and issues just pulling the"trigger". You have helped me beyond words… Hopefully someday soon i can offer enough upside for you to have a quick little convo with me… Thanks brother

  3. Gary we need to talk about this one night stand Business.

    Look thats NOT even one night stands thats the Law of averages method to pitching.

    Keep asking someone will say yes*

    A one night stand Suggests they get that far.

    Gotta stop it with the one liners
    >Dude was a champ for stating it like I am a chump Ask anyway

    BUT that METHOD of just spamming everything that movies with lazy lines has got to die

    (I mean Shakespeare even wrote about it – as paraphrased in 36 biggest mistakes salesmen make and how to correct them.

    "The fault, Mr. Salesman, in not with the stars but in yourself" )

    >>>The mindset behind the SALES PITCH bullshit* they make excuses for why they fail…. and keep failing!

    Have someone pull up the R/Niceguys (on youtube dont expect you to go read reddit)

  4. I must have untapped intuition because you answered my podcast question that I thought of less than a week ago. I tweeted this question to you, and some very nice random stranger recommended ripping the (stripping) the audio from my content. My exact response was “Thanks. I’ll Google how to do it.

  5. Gary, here is the story, I approach a top Mortgage Broker CEO and offer him to do a vlog for FREE, follow him around and learn from him, and monetize whatever comes out from the vlog 50/50, he said YES. Know I´m excited but afraid to leave my secure job, please HELP…. Thanks , greetings from Mexico!

  6. Bruh it’s not that hard to go drag ur video to a video editor
    And detach audio
    Then delete video
    You are in front of a million dollar man and that’s the question u ask?
    Come on

  7. OMG i love that "Brands dont exisit" even legally people try to make brand a into people.

    Yeah > Humanization makes THINGS more emotionally relatable BUT its cartoon like.

    Coke personified Santa (Red suit is all cokes doing BUT people forget that… The Coke cola bears… and Now, name on wach can brand keeps blowing money on Ads and not talking about the Brand the people behind it and its pretty Dark* If you were to read the whole history of Coke its REALLY SCARY but there are new people doing good things… )

    Knowing the history of COKE i am like NOPE! but I think if you knew the current mindset of the people You might care or feel cared for.

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