ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Corporate Fail: Millennials & Gen Z Entrepreneurial | Crystal Kadakia | TEDxCentennialParkWomen

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Corporate Fail: Millennials & Gen Z Entrepreneurial | Crystal Kadakia | TEDxCentennialParkWomen

Here’s Great Tip: Corporate Fail: Millennials & Gen Z Entrepreneurial | Crystal Kadakia | TEDxCentennialParkWomen

Here is Something You Should See…

Crossing Over Generations

Crystal is a rising thought leader, invited speaker, and strategy developer for the multi-generation workforce and future of the workplace related topics. She is a charismatically persuasive right and left brain leader who bridges logical processes and creative inspirations. She is a visionary who thrives on simplifying the big picture and creating positive cultures based on leveraging each other’s natural talents.

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37 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Corporate Fail: Millennials & Gen Z Entrepreneurial | Crystal Kadakia | TEDxCentennialParkWomen”

  1. The more I take from Yolo that as she explained stands for; You Only Live Once, The more it speaks loudly and clearly as I have reflected in recent times since losing all my grandparents to natural causes more or less, what do you want for yourself by the end of your life, and what you would like to be on your eulogy.

  2. The ultimate message here is solid but it gets lost when your framing it around a buzzword that’s become synonymous with all the annoying and alienating elements of millennial culture.

    Also, many if these examples seem anecdotal rather than based on research… which sets her up to have her age and inexperience become the focus and be used against her.

    I agree that today’s young employees are excited to be engaged in a different way and that in my own workplace I see the immense benefit of this engagement!!! Her message is spot on…But even as someone who agrees with this sentiment… I’m hearing this from a wide perspective and I hear it slamming doors shut.

  3. I think it's less about Gen Z and millennials having some extra insight into self-motivation that every other generation has lacked, and more about millennials and Gen Z getting wise to corporations exploiting their workers and not having their best interests in mind.

  4. Excellent talk about a key subject. Despite all the naysayers, entrepreneurship is the basis for our country and it makes me proud to see young people want it so much. As someone in generation X I have been fortunate enough to participate in multiple startups and even managed to have my own business on two occasions. Would I go into business for myself again? Absolutely.

    Out of 20 years of work I spent 7 as a business owner, or 35% of my career. If every millineal and gen z committed themselves to getting their percentage higher than mine our economy would be truly amazing. If even a few of those my own age had the courage to risk saying words like yolo, instead of ridiculing others from the safety of their couch, our society would be a much better place.

  5. We, as baby boomers put our kids through University. Because we were told this was the best thing to do for our children. They came out with BA'S, and Masters only to find they wanted top jobs. They would not start at the bottom and work their way up. This nice, educated lady has not lived enough to even call or know what yesterday was. Work is work. Not play time. Companies are not there to placate Millenials. They hire you to do what they want. I might add entrpenarial people in the past were not educated. They had initiative.

  6. Aa a 30 year old, I thought that it was the lack of reasonable livable wages that has us jumping jobs. If working years at a place won't guarintee wages that at least keep up with inflation, we are going to jump ship for the place that pays better. And I suppose it is true that it's easier to have a sort of hobby-job on the side. I'm a stay at home mom who does artsy things for a little bit of money here and there. (Mostly as a way to supplement my art/craft hobbies) I could make more money this way, but I don't really need to. I don't want to own a business. I just want to make art, as it is one of the things that gives life meaning.

  7. LOL. There's not enough room for everyone to be an entrepreneur. I'm born in that millennial time period, but I seriously cringe at people that actively identify themselves as such. This generation isn't all bad, but the ones being televised are the morons giving off misrepresentation and thinking they represent the entire generation and its views.

  8. At half point, I'm convinced i don't want to attract millenials to my workplace. Try to wrap your head around this: We ask how we can retain millenials in the workplace because #1 We have no choice but to try to employ you (i mean who else would, the generation after you?), and #2 We don't like wasting our resources on people who will not stay long enough to give anything back to our companies.

  9. We all have had our dreams killed by employers who stifle creativity. This is nothing new, but we stuck with it because bills had to be paid. We killed and sacrificed our souls in the process.

  10. I'm 'Gen X', we are the adaptable, rigged and self-sufficient generation. We consider milennials entitled and pampered… and we are always the working force trying to pick up the slack from this younger generation… However, as I get older, I'm beguining to admire the millennials for their brave choices in the name of "YOLO". For what it's worth, this was intelligently well expressed on their behalf.

  11. You haven't lived long enough. You haven't lived long enough to see the businesses that have failed. You haven't lived long enough to collect stuff that matters to you that losing it would be devastating. You haven't even lived long enough to know that you are demeaning to those you hope to impress, the generation X and Baby Boomers. You haven't lived long enough to understand that there is an up and coming generation who will disagree with you. How can you vote someone in office when you don't have any knowledge of the issues? If you don't have children in school how can you understand what education means to those who do? When your parents pay your medical until you are 26, how can you understand why people cringe when insurance goes up? I think it is because you want your life to be devised on a percentage you make. A percent will go into taxes. A percent will go into insurance. A percent will go into food and utilities. A percentage will go into transportation. Even if you earn 25 grand a year you think you will live a middle class life with all its amenities not understanding that other people are picking up your tab. We all bow to someone. You have a blow coming to you. You do know how to blow, right?

  12. Say "YOLO" one more time, I dare you. Seriously – this isn't the first talk I've seen based on a buzzword, but she really has internalised the concept of being defined by a made-up word that is so ubiquitous that it's meaningless.

  13. I don't know where else to say this… I'm ashamed to be a mellinal! We are 1/3 the working population. We sit still and watch the .1% take our futures. We sit silent instead of answering the call to defend our freedoms and our futures. Time is running out… my expectations are high… I am feeling low and helpless. Where is our John Lennon? We should be ashamed and we will get what we deserve. What do you deserve? Namaste…

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