ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Entrepreneurship: A journey in self discovery | Ameera Shah | TEDxJanpath

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Entrepreneurship: A journey in self discovery | Ameera Shah | TEDxJanpath

Here’s Great Tip: Entrepreneurship: A journey in self discovery | Ameera Shah | TEDxJanpath

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Ameera Shah spoke passionately on a topic that is currently a national interest; women entrepreneurs. She reflects on her own journey and the challenges that she faced while building a business of scale and sustainability across the globe. She spoke at length on the kind of bias a woman faces and ways to overcome the bias and stereotypes. In her opinion Indian women suffer from a conditioned lack of self-belief and an eco-system that promotes the lack of self-belief. Ms. Shah urges women to build their confidence and asserts that self-esteem is the only real asset in life.

Ameera Shah is the Managing Director and CEO of Metropolis Healthcare. She has evolved Metropolis from its single pathology laboratory status to a fully integrated multinational chain of 125 labs and 800 collection centers across the globe. Under her leadership, Metropolis has been the first to create a sustainable business model for pathology, traverse in to emerging markets & implement global standards of quality in all its processes & systems. An international and national award winner, she is an eminent spokesperson and has been featured as a speaker in various forums, industry events and conclaves globally.

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  1. “Entrepreneurship in India is anyway hard," she says—for women, it becomes that much tougher because people rarely back them with money, or give them the first contract. Women are never encouraged to take risks. “If there is a guy, they say go for it, for a girl, they say, how will you manage, you have a family, a kid, you want to do this also, it’s too much. Give up something—give up work."

    These words are nothing but Truth itself what she said , it's tough for a women in India. All her trust and efforts will get discriminated and criticized , made fun of, forced , delayed.

    She won't even have chances for a discussion , voice out her ideas on what she wishes doing.

    Few get respected, acknowledged, and succeed. Wishes Ms. Ameera.

  2. Very inspiring and genuine talk. One can tell her passion and commitment to it. Patriarchy is a social disease and the sooner we get rid of it, we will be much better as societies, economics, ecology and certainly as human beings. Thank you for this illuminating talk | LCA

  3. Questions are correct but many women quit professionally in midstream due to marriage and kids. Exceptions like Ameera are very few. It will not change much in india as same case even in USA which is less patriarchal. Talk was useless except listing known problems nothing in it . Such talks need to show how one overcomes them not which are those problem.

  4. Ma'am I believe that's not reality marriages is in our hand and the person we chose to marry …more over its mere excuse of failure …there are stories where in extreme conditions woman proved their potential

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