ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: “The Secret Power of Female Entrepreneurs” | Sage Lavine | TEDxWartburgCollege

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: “The Secret Power of Female Entrepreneurs” | Sage Lavine | TEDxWartburgCollege

Here’s Great Tip: “The Secret Power of Female Entrepreneurs” | Sage Lavine | TEDxWartburgCollege

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There is drastic untapped potential within women entrepreneurs, even though women are launching small businesses left and right, 95% of them never break the 6-figure barrier to experience the greater success and impact we know we’re here to make. I believe this is because so much of modern day business success and mentorship is still based in masculine paradigms… and when we can design businesses and the modern market to compliment both genders, we will ignite an evolution of women entrepreneurs reaching their highest potential. #1 Best Selling Author of Hayhouse book, WOMEN ROCKING BUSINESS, and the CEO of Women Rocking Business Training Company reaching over 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the globe.
Women Rocking Business Training programs provide comprehensive business training based in women’s values like collaboration rather than competition, empowerment rather than power over and generosity rather than scarcity and urgency.
We teach women entrepreneurs to attract clients and customers they love as they build businesses that fit into their lives, rather than having to fit their lives around an overly busy business schedule.
Sage Lavine has shared the stage with Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff, and many more. Sage believes in entrepreneurship as a way to close the pay gap for women, and create world change: Women Rocking Business has raised over a million dollars for women’s humanitarian projects around the globe…world needs us and the time is now. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Im 43, i have no job, no diploma and had to return to my parents home, i really want to improve but i live in a third world country with a lot of economic issues, how do you start. I have a small, very small amount of savings but im scared to use it in business and finally lost it, i dont have any train on business. Started to make handmade stuff, decorative stuff, i learnt all the technichs by myself, and because of the economy of my country, everybody says to me, you are not going to make a living out of it. How do you find at least, support from other people in the same situation. I look for support in my city and i couldnt find any.

  2. I continue to be so inspired by you, Sage, and your empowering stand for WOMEN – in collaboration with others – to make a bigger difference while being financially free. THANK YOU for this inspiring talk!!

  3. While more women are making more money, more children are having more chronic health issues and our life expectancy has been declining since 2015. Anyone can help people who want to be helped. She doesn't address the root cause, Wealth and power addiction victims will always have more money and power to work against those working for the best interest of humanity. We need more money to fix problems is the devil's deception, the same claim of every politician. We actually need more love to help those with wealth and power addiction who scheme to take us down with them because they have the wealth and power to do it.

  4. Wow! Sage, I've followed you online for several years and have even been at one of your live events. I've heard your message and seen you speak many times. However, this talk touched me in a new way. It was powerful and so expertly crafted and delivered. I'm inspired! Congratulations!

  5. Sage, You are such an inspiration! You delivered such a potent message…you are so articulate and accessible! Your energy is meant for big beautiful stages and you touch those in smaller places, villages…your voice and message is for everywoman or man that needs permission to go for it. You are the perfect spokesperson for the You are ENOUGH message to spread in our world. love you

  6. This is such a powerful talk! Sage Lavine, thank you for inspiring women all over the globe to embrace their authentic selves and to reclaim their power, their independence, their time, energy, and their financial lives! Yes, we are enough, more than enough-sometimes we just need someone to remind us and help us believe in ourselves and each other!

  7. A powerful message – standing up and saying "enough!" Thank you for your compassion, insight and generosity in sharing, not just a great message, but your humanity and vision for everyone! 🙂

  8. Sage, on that stage, you are relatable to the audience in a way that I have not seen in any other TEDex talks. Your facts about women in the market are right there, striking your audience. When you stand on the same level with the audience, you embody the concept of Power WITH rather than POWER OVER. In this presentation, the world becomes a little smaller, less impossible, more accessible. When you say, "what we can accomplish together…" I sense that you are actually with me. That is never the case with the person on a big dark stage, who stands over me. THIS is the TED talk that strikes a chord that has me talking about giving as a part of business with all of my clients. Thank you!

  9. Dear Blessed and Beloved Sage, Namaste! I am very happy that you got this opportunity to share your message that can reach millions of people around the world. Your experience of getting physically locked in a small space has enabled you to have determination to unlock your highest potential to lead thousands of women and through them, impact thousands of human lives elsewhere. Keep shining your light! With Infinite Love….

  10. Your name says it all! Your sagacious & uplifting mesSAGE pierces so many hearts…im so pumped to take the quantum leap to compassionately empower women & children with the drive to thrive in every human dimension…:). I’m starting functional health and childbirth coaching “business”. I’m gearing up to do live events and look forward to be guided by you to expand into a worldwide movement!

  11. since human existence, women have always been the homemakers who bring families and communities together but are seldom recognised in the wide world, but opportunities are given to them, they will have much practical and sustaining effect in the present times than men

  12. Dear Sage, Five Stars! Superlatively done – not only the professionalism of your presentation but the magnitude and precision of the idea tapestry. As you know so well, you have sister spirits, like me, everywhere. Each of us has a view and a gift. Thank you so much for the grace and focus you have refined in giving yours. I've learned that the greatest forms of harm are molestation and poverty. Your work directly prevents those hardships. I am one of your fans. Bravissima!

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