TEST: Top Google Ranking in Minutes? – RockStar Entrepreneur

TEST: Top Google Ranking in Minutes? – RockStar Entrepreneur











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Can you get page 1 SEO results in minutes?
This will be controversial (and unbelievable) to some folks….

And what I’m about to say tends to bring out lots of trolls. ?

But screw it – here it is… ?

If you do these 3 things, you can get page one results in a matter of minutes…

1. Aggregate a grouping highly targeted and easily winnable keywords.

I don’t like calling this “long tail” because it isn’t “the size of the keyword – it’s how you use it!” (sorry for the inuendo) – lol 😉

Learn more about keywords and page architecture here.

2. Content beats backlinks! ?

Create great content that is relevant and meaningful. Need help? Use WordSparker (it’s free right now).

=> http://wordsparker.com

3. Structured Data.?

This is an unfair advantage that no one uses. Or, at least – not the right way. I’m not gonna get geeky on you here. I’ll just say this is like telling google to put you on top because you gave them exactly what none of the competition did…

If you follow these things correctly, you can dominate most any niche very quickly.?

Still don’t think it can be done in minutes without blackhat tricks or a ton of backlinks?

Here is a free over the shoulder case study using a localized niche with a digital landlord strategy that shows how it is done. With real unblurred and verifiable results…

=> http://2rs.co/challenge



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Ben is more than a thrill seeker, he is a true business man, he just makes it look easy. Although he will tell you he works his ass off, he loves every minute of it and follows his passion. He is genuine, and a blast to be around. In his words: “Keep Rockin!”

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