TEST: Why You Should Avoid The Anti-Guru!

TEST: Why You Should Avoid The Anti-Guru!


It’s funny because my wife and I had this conversation yesterday. So many people are using GURU as a bad thing.

Many coaches and people trying to sell stuff are calling themselves the Anti-Guru. Don’t be one of these people!

Dr. Dan & Good Friend Guru Singh
Good Friend Guru Singh dropping some knowledge on me during my travels around the world seeking my life’s mission.

They make claims like… unlike the So-Called Guru’s that just want to take your money and fake their success… I am not faking my success and really care about you. So you should give me your money instead!

Don’t brand yourself as the Anti-Guru and never use this approach. Always avoid the people that use the Anti-Guru approach. They are truly the ones that are full of crap!


Because they don’t even understand what the word Guru means.

Guru = Someone that takes others from the dark to the light. Someone that takes others from the unknown to the known.

Which means…. They are a teacher! They teach you and others what you don’t know and want to know.

So if someone says they are an Anti-Guru or says… Hey i’m not like those other Gurus… Then they are really saying… Hey you should pay me to to teach you what I don’t know and you will never learn from me, because I don’t know anything!

Avoid the Anti-Guru 😉

Here is a picture of me with one of my good friends and one of my amazing Gurus.

Dr. Dan & Good Friend Guru Singh in Fiji
Dr. Dan & Good Friend Guru Singh in Namale Fiji 2006









You can learn more about Guru Singh and check out his Podcast at http://GuruSingh.com

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