Business Tips: 10 Tactics to Improve Your Situation in Quarantine | Tea With GaryVee

Business Tips: 10 Tactics to Improve Your Situation in Quarantine | Tea With GaryVee

Awesome Tip: 10 Tactics to Improve Your Situation in Quarantine | Tea With GaryVee

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about doing a Q&A show called “Tea With GaryVee”. With my schedule and other things, it just didn’t work out — I never got around to doing it. But during this challenging current time here where we’re all working from home, I thought I’d set aside some time and really do some deep Q&A for everybody and bring some value! This episode has a lot of great tactics that will have you coming out of quarantine in an even better position than when it first started! There is a ton of value here so please watch all the way through. The next called could have the same question you’ve been asking yourself… Enjoy!

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16 Replies to “Business Tips: 10 Tactics to Improve Your Situation in Quarantine | Tea With GaryVee”

  1. I can relate to Sergio Vicente as black former pro mma fighter who was forced to retire due to a bad car accident. Because of this I searched him as much as possible and the flaw is rather simple. He says he's been at it for 2 years but I found him on YouTube and he has 2 channels with 6 total videos, the oldest video on his new account is 3 months old. Essentially all of his content is on Instagram (368 posts) and it's harder to be "discovered" on Instagram than many other platforms. He also has a link in his personal Instagram linking to his YouTube content but not from his fight podcasts own Instagram account to his fight podcasts YouTube.

  2. 10:25 Jessica is a similar position that I am in. Posting once a day and not more.
    Honestly though, I do feel the slowness of the quarantine and don't feel the drive. I need to find my "why" as Simon Sinek would say. But I am young enough to just go taste everything.
    Keep up the great work Dustin and GaryVeeTeam. We know behind the scenes work ethic is incredible. <3

  3. Wow that talk with Justin Slimm hit like nothing has before – and things have HIT from Gary before.
    I have been feeling so anxious and depressed and absolutely judging myself lately through my business / youtube channel.
    But the way Gary just worded it there – from "4 and a half months doesn't matter" or "re think the balance of ambition and loving yourself" or "smile at your reflection when your baby is crying and working at 1:30 am".
    So needed.
    Thank you.

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  5. Hey I need advice @garyvee or anyone else! I have 11K followers on TikTok, 2K on IG, and 250 here on YouTube. I’m a high school athlete so I don’t have all the time in the world to make content. Would it be better to make 3-4 Tiktoks a day and not go as hard on YouTube, like 1 video or less a week, or keep it balanced, 2 tiktoks a day, and two YouTube uploads a week? Should I hammer down on what’s gaining me the most followers or keep growing gradually on all 3 platforms? Thanks so much!

  6. Gary-

    Thank you so much for your existence, I have only recently discovered you. Thank goodness.
    I am going to attempt getting through this week, I own a cleaning company that I launched just before covid. I need help

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