Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch | GaryVee, Ben, Robbie and Zubin

Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch | GaryVee, Ben, Robbie and Zubin

Awesome Tip: Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch | GaryVee, Ben, Robbie and Zubin

I am thrilled to announce today’s first episode of Coffee & Commerce, find out how VaynerCommerce came to be, the problems we are focused on solving and my perspective on how the eCommerce market is shifting.

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42 Replies to “Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch | GaryVee, Ben, Robbie and Zubin”

  1. shopify plus is useful to build unlimited websites, but unless you are stream lining money now, it doesn't make sense for someone to open a Shopify plus for one store. hence, why i prefer hosting through blue host and opening a wordpress through bluest and or many people do not know they can open a shopify through a hosting site directly from the hosting provider which gives you more or same access like shopify. all in all, anyone reading this should try both and learn the differences. don't just take what everyone is running too. remember, just because you open a shopify, it doesn't make you a business; ultimately its how you implement that business and building a brand. hence, even leaving powered by shopify on your store isn't the best form of marketing either. just some advice I'm learning and implementing currently. in no way have i perfected digital, but i have a great understanding of brand and brand awareness through my experiences of trial and error.

  2. i use shopify, but truthfully i have had more control in wordpress. Connectingwordpress with bluehosting or a hosting site is the best solution as far as cheap and being able to have access to building unlimited sties for one price of around 69.99

  3. This is the one of the best creators for make money online! I actually created my own channel called JohnVianny to show even MORE making money methods – come check it out and I will always follow back!

  4. Hmmm life time value I wonder … I sense something different like what’s the half life of customer intimacy. Because the reality is companies let customers slip through their fingers every day. Gary your text proposition for wine is pretty compelling on a personal level when did the “life’” start. You asked for donations for the challenge . Done how the heck does bests compete with that . How do you personalize a commodity purchase. Does Shopify do that ? Somethings missing but you will figure it out .

  5. Gary is a huge inspiration! His wisdom has pushed me far out of my comfort zone and made me eager to try something new. Thank you Gary for what you do you are seriously changing lives. If anyone is reading this i will be uploading another video in a few days so please subscribe to me and give me as much feedback and support as you can as it would mean everything. Love you guys and remember to always be open to take that leap.

  6. 26:00 Small Small Scale (part-time freelance): Had to move WordPress to a new server (because PHP was out of date) and got absolutely crushed. All sites went down. Only some backups worked. Should have just paid someone to migrate it for us. 🙁 Moving our money-making sites to Squarespace.

  7. So many thanks Gary! I've been watching your videos and taking on board your advice for a long time now and have recently started a journey myself. I've even created a youtube channel following my progress. My first few vlogs are up and I would love some support and feedback so please hit subscribe and please check it out. thanks ✌️

  8. I want to really fair trade. In 5 years time, Vayner Commerce might replace Amazon, Gary, because humanity is waking up and ethics are becoming the real value. At last. Maybe I can learn how to sell from you. I literally got coffee to sell, haha. I enjoyed the chat. Thanks

  9. Bless you, all!! Thank you for all that you've done for all of us, now It's our to do our part. One random question: You have a lot to do and maybe no time, however, It would mean the world to me If you'd check what I'm doing wrong on my Instagram content @wearealfas because I've been putting hours and hours to produce my content but I'm not feeling stable to where this is going "Not Growing". Thank you, Gary, for your time and hope to hear from you!

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