Business Tips: One Question to Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost | Tea with GaryVee LIVE

Business Tips: One Question to Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost | Tea with GaryVee LIVE

Awesome Tip: One Question to Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost | Tea with GaryVee LIVE

In this episode of “Tea With GaryVee,” things get a bit emotional. There was a lot of advice around mental health and perspective during these challenging times. Nobody has truly been preparing for this situation and we are all adapting in real-time… some of us better than others. There is a ton of value in this video for rewiring your perspective on the things going on right now so please watch until then end and enjoy!

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37 Replies to “Business Tips: One Question to Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost | Tea with GaryVee LIVE”

  1. I’ve been learning so MUCH from your content, I watch so many value entertainment and no one is like you on all kind of platforms. I would love to go live with you on tea with Gary but I don’t I can’t for some reason. FaceTime and most of the video communication apps are band here where I live (Dubai). I don’t know if you will ever see this comment, but I’m going to try anyways. I am 22 years old I’m crazy like INSANE about entrepreneurship it’s just in my DNA. I have so many fucking ideas but I’m just stuck because I’m always coming up with an idea better than the one before. Always learning something new and creating something you in my mind, but I never just start anything. I don’t know why is this happening but I need to. I need to do something about this issue! Because it’s not allowing me to be happy.

  2. Was watching thinking man she’s gonna forget all this eventually, really hope she watches it again… then you asked her to promise she would, that level of awareness to truly understand where she’s coming from.. while in a conversation that charged. That’s fucking deep.

  3. Gary you the man, I have always enjoyed the content that you put out and the inspiration and hope that you bring to us all. (Especially during these times right now.) I finally started my own channel during this quarantine which is something that I have wanted to do forever. It is becoming something that I can pour endless hours of energy into and I feel lucky to have this now. Thanks for being one of the first people to inspire me!

  4. Patience is the key you are so on the money.I have consumed your content on a fairly obsessive way for years.How do I get to talk to you if I cant afford to come to watch one of your talks.I create content to try and raise the conversation around male mental health and male suicide.I am in the UK so cant text you as I dont think thats for an option for anyone outside the US.I will keep watching,liking messaging commenting and hopefully one day we can talk.Youre clearly a good guy.Top work for helping all the people you do.All the best James

  5. love your videos! just found your channel and would love to know how youve grown the way you have! Congrats! Would you mind taking a second and reviewing my channel, I would love some feedback and support 🙂

  6. I admired Gary's patience with the people who were so stuck in their past story. It low key drives me up the wall when people just want to hear themselves talk and just share their "woe is me story" but Gary's so good at staying with them and helping them through it. Respect man

  7. 51:37 … here goes Gary making me cry again. On behalf of this little boy that always wanted to have a PlayStation…. thank you for sending him one Gary!! I’m hooked on the good vibes this new tea with Gary v is putting out into the universe. Keep spreading the love Gary! You rock

  8. Dear Gary I regurlarly write to you that you are really really amazing. I am a psychologistand the way you give advise and stay calm and try to let people stick with you and really get the message is wonderful. It would be nice to see at some distance of time what they truly did after their call with you. For me they are all Life changing events. Keep it up! Best from a dutch in Italy 😉

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